Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Scornful or Just Mocking? Part I

Many of the anti-gay activists are hurt, broken, and angry people. Those of us who've been at the State House for recent big events have seen this up close, and we certainly sense their pain. But their level of discourse reveals the unbalanced, obsessive quality of their lives. We truly wish these people well. And there are many psychiatrists who can help them. Sadly, our good will is not reciprocated. Recently, many news outlets have reported on a public, well-orchestrated effort to strip gay people of what the Supreme Judicial Court termed a civil right by attempting to write discrimination into our Constitution. Gay and Straight citizens alike are under a constant barrage of hate and lies. Some of these communications have arguably crossed the line into deception, such as the documented cases of signature gatherers pulling a bait and switch with their petitions.

There are many examples of this kind of hatred and bigotry from one Ms. MassResistance. You no doubt will note her obsessive, frightening focus on personal details, including the need to print the e-mails and telephone numbers of everyone who ever disagreed with her. (A psychologist has told us, on the basis of these emails, that this is not a well person, and very concerning.)

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