Thursday, October 27, 2005

Can You Feel The Love?

Here is one of the coherent posts I received from Article 8 & Ms. Massresistance's supporters. Do you think she has a few issues?
In a message dated 10/26/2005 10:14:53 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Dear Feces,

I sorry you were born from the wrong orfice of your Mamma. But what did you expect when she took it up the ass from a poodle? Speaking of your Momma, are you done F#@&ing her mouth, pussy and ass? Did you give her AIDS yet? Did you pi#s and sh#t in her mouth yet? That would be yumyum for your type of abnormal toilet creature. Do you need me to pull the handle and flush both you and your Momma's mouths? By the way, tell your Momma she owes me 25 cents for using her a toilet the other night. I see your favorit "gadget" is a dirty donkey di#k in your mouth and a bag of broke glass in your ass.You're sick! You need serious repairative therapy, and a flush would probably help would send you to the septic tank where you and your buddies love to party and go sailing!

Homosexuality is a scat disease where people play with crap. I bet you go hunting in the woods for bear shit to eat. You probably swim in "pit" toilets and drink the contents of a porta-potty.

Please visit:

P.S. Please tell your Momma to quit screwing the neighbors dogs, and quit sleeping in the dumpster. Also tell you Daddy to quit putting drinking straws in the public sewer pipes and quit smoking doggy doodoo from the local park. By the way, how does it feel to be a shameful bastard? How does it feel to be a disgusting part of society? How does it feel to be a human reject? How does it feel to be compared to animal sex? How does it feel to be the "butt" of many jokes? How does it feel to be a failure? How does it feel to be compared to a urinalor a toilet full of crap?How does it feel to be laughed at by women and men because you're ugly and a complete sexual failure? Please make a video of you doing animals....women needa good laugh. (Women....something you know nothing about). Please jump off a bridge, but please pay the fine for pollution before you jump.

Please visit:

I will be thinking of you when I take a "dump" tonight.

Wow! I guess English is a second language for this person. Just another example of the typical "people" that support Article 8. With friends like these who needs enemies?


Anonymous said...

Oh my,

1) Horrible sentence structure.
2) No command of language or vocaulary
3) Strange preoccupation with feces and related topics

Although thes 3 points would not get this person beyond 3rd grade; the real issue here is: why is someone so uneducated filled with so much hate? And how did homosexuals damage this person that they are so filled with hate? I'm sure it can't be as simple as ignorant religious beliefs; because the 'said' e-mail is vile hate. And I don't recall name calling and insulent words being part of Jesus' teachings. I'll have to re-check the New Testament though. Maybe there is a psalm or somthing that deals with insulting people's deceased parents. But I'm pretty sure deserves all that she (I doubt this is a woman - and if it is, I seriously doubt she is a mother)is going to find in her e-mail inbox this week. Not to mention eternal damnation and scorn from any reputable religion. God doesn't hat fags. God hates hate!

Anonymous said...

What is a "pit" toliet? Does this person even live around civilized people?

I also think she's got the wrong person being the "butt" of so many jokes.

Anonymous said...

Does a video with a man doing animals make this woman laugh? Wow, she's sick.

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote that is a kook. Probably someone with an IQ 20 something or a mentally handicaped person. You really shouldn't make fun of the retarded.

Anonymous said...

I thought Ms. MassResistance made it clear - the new Christianity is all about HATE.

Didn't you read last week's post about how the movement can only win if they stop being afraid of looking like bigots?

Their Jesus is going to come back as a fag-bashing skinhead.

Pity them.

Anonymous said...

Strange comment about "pit toilets" as most people I know call them "out houses". All I can say is the individual has one hellofa warped mind, what there is of it.

Anonymous said...

"" ? I wonder if the e-mail was really even written by a female. The virtiol sure has a testosterone poisoning quality to it. I'm sorry you have been the target of such e-mails, but wingnuts are everrywhere. What can you do?

Boston Bud said...

Nothing, its par for the course. That old saying "The best revenge is living a good life" holds true. These emails just show how ignorant these people are. They can't argue with the truth so they attack personally. I've given them a place to debate the facts, however, they want to ignore it.