Tuesday, October 11, 2005

History Repeats Itself

What's up with Mass News? Each day I would log onto the site to see how many days were left until the Massachusetts legislature voted to remove the 4 "activist judges". Here's a sample. Well, at least that's what this group believes will be happening by Friday, Oct. 14th.

However, today, oddly, they appeared to remove the header from the page. Gone are the articles about how Emile Goguen paid for a plane to fly banners telling the 4 judges that they should resign now or have their benefits taken away. The wit in these posts are reminiscent of the days when Pawlick himself (the original editor of Massnews) would write the articles and speak about himself in the 3rd person. Also gone are the articles about the Mass. Politicians trembling at Fate of Tom Birmingham and Tom Finneran.

All is not lost however, Mass Citizens for Marriage, headed by Sally Pawlick, 2nd and current wife of Atty. Pawlick of Massnews.com has paid for and implemented a barrage of telephone calls to Massachusetts residents to get them go against same sex marriage. A friend of mine received two calls from them. The calls originate from Mississippi and the recording identifies Mass Citizens for Marriage as the group sponsoring the initiative. This group was the one responsible for the signature drive in 2002 that seemed to be plagued with the same troubles as the current hateful anti-gay amendment. Only then they were switching race horse petitions instead of alcohol sales petitions.

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Anonymous said...

"says Ed Pawlick, Attorney for MCM since its founding" Its the old crank himself writing these articles. The above phrase from todays MassNess is classic Pawlick. Nobody else I have ever seen writes like this. I suspect someone tripped over the rock and awakened him. He is always good for a laugh.