Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The King's a She & the Queen's a He!

Refreshing news from Illinois:
The homecoming king and queen of Buffalo Grove [Ill.] High School in suburban Chicago are a jock and a cheerleader, but they're far from typical. The boy is the cheerleader, the girl is the jock, and they're both openly gay.
And more:
So, how is it that a gay student and a lesbian win the biggest high school popularity contest?
"I think it shows that is our school, and maybe the generation as a whole, is just a little more progressive," Wohlner said.
Bravo! Although not everyone is happy with the choice that the student body made. Illinois Family Institute (Illinois' answer to the Mass. Family Institute) had this to say:

"For us, it's a sad thing," said Illinois Family Institute's spokesman Pete LaBarbera said. He claims that schools are too politically correct nowadays.

"Something that was once sort of universally regarded as a sin, is now becoming sort of cool in high school," he said.

First off Mr. LaBarbera, no one can tell anyone that they are gay, we realize that for ourselves.
Secondly, if you read your Bible, homosexuality was punished by stoning to death and eating shrimp and lobster was a sin too. What's amazing is that people like you think that this will "turn" more people gay which is very funny.

Everyone I know who is gay was raised by heteroseuxal parents and surrounded by heterosexuality. The positive aspect of this whole story is that these teens are proud of who they are. They can be a role model for other teens who may hear the nasty remarks by people like the Illinois Family Institute and think they are alone.

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Anonymous said...

Check out the slide show of "King/Queen Images" on the NBC5 site (Bud's second link). They're adorable.