Thursday, June 8, 2006

And Macy's Is Listening to Them!?!?

I don't even know where to start because more lunacy is going around Massachusetts than rain. Is Macy's really listening to a few wingnuts who are comparing different types of mannequins?

On both their website and their "blog", Article 8/Massresistance/Parents Right Coalition, etc.... is showing pictures of different types of mannequins at Macy's with titles like "normal" "abnormal". Did you ever know there was a "normal" type of mannequin? Apparently, from looking at Article 8's pictures, normal mannequins have no heads.

And of course they have become completely delusional which is evident by their attacks on Margery Egan:

Margery Egan's smear of our mainstream group in today's Boston Herald once again makes us wonder if there's some profound, unresolved personal "issue" driving her vitriol.
and Boston's Mayor Menino:
The ever eloquent Boston Mayor Mumbles Menino slammed the mainstream supporters of MassResistance who dare to call his office to question the rainbow flag flying over Boston City Hall, or who demand that Macy's remove its window display of rainbow-skirt draped, breasted male mannequins.
Did you catch that, they think they're mainstream. Yeah, they're mainstream alright. So mainstream that even the anti-gay Mass "Family" Institute is distancing themselves from their obnoxious tactics. So mainstream that Comedy Central devotes a whole segment to their leader. So mainstream that they keep changing their name every 3 years or so (like I said, delusional)

They can't even get their own story straight among the two of them about how they found out about the Macy's window. On the Massresistance blog she posts:
Margery asks how MassResistance learned about the Macy's Pride display. The answer is, in her own newspaper in an article entitled "Pride and Joy" (June 1), pushing the glories of Pride Week on everyone.
Yet on the Agape Press it says:
A nationally known department store's Boston, Massachusetts, location has removed a homosexual pride display after a barrage of complaints from concerned citizens. Brian Camenker, president of the pro-family group Mass Resistance, happened on the disturbing exhibit in the window of a downtown Macy's store.
Ok, so which is it? Did they just happen upon it or did they just happen to read about it? I guess it depends on who their audience is. I wonder what they told Macy's?

The story on Agape Press goes on:

This week is "Gay Pride Week" in Boston, Camenker notes, and while the citywide celebration engendered some outlandish sights, he was unprepared for what he saw at Macy's that day. "In the picture window right next to the door," he says, "it had a huge display promoting Gay Pride Week with two mannequins, both of them men, standing right next to each other as if they were gay and, one of them, wearing a skirt."

In fact, the mannequins skirt was a rainbow flag, the Massachusetts pro-family activist notes. "I'd never seen anything like this before," he says, "and then [there was] all of this advertising for the 'gay pride' events."

I guess they have a short memory spans because just last year Article 8 was complaining about a billboard with at similar picture. Although last year they were obsessing about what the men were doing under the flag now they're just obsessing over mannequins they claim are gay. How did they know, mannequin gaydar?

Macy's should be embarrassed for listening to these fools.


timewarp13 said...

Obviously I cannot post this at MassResistance. I took a few minutes last evening to stop inside Macy's to inspect some of the so-called "normal" mannequins. As common sense (if anyone at MassResistance had any) suggests, the only difference are the clothes. Head or no, when a mannequin is dressed in a tight shirt, lo and behold, it shows off all the curves. Not surprisingly, when they are dressed in loose-fitting shirts, the curves are gone. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

One of the good things coming out of this is that Article 8/Massresistance is being seen for the nutcases they are. If you do a search of gay mannequins it comes up with people all across the country talking about the foolish anti-gay people and their obession with mannequins. Article 8 also didn't get what they wanted because the window is still up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bud, Just looking at the picture you picture made me think, that these idiots were upset about two men holding each other (the billboard) and they weren't upset about the alcohol advertising right below the billboard which I'm sure is there 365 days a year? I thought they cared about the children. They're bigots.

Mark D. Snyder said...

clearchannel took down the gay billboard but they are happy to put anti immigrant billboards up in california that say "stop the invasion"

Anonymous said...

According to, a bigot is "one who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ." Are gays a religious organization, a race, a political view, or a group?

People who prefer not to see sexual images on billboards or in department store windows are not bigots. People who don't want their young children exposed to the concept of homosexual lifestyles are not bigots. And poeple who don't want their teenagers viewing explicit material on sexual practices and transgender operations are not bigots.

Boo said...

Um, yes anonymous, gays are a group. And since when are two mannequins standing in a window a "sexual image?" People who practice bigotry are bigots. By definition.

Ryan Charisma said...

anonomous - got to and look up:

ASSH*LE - and learn about yourself.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Charisma,

You and the rest of your "group" are the ignorant ones. My message was very polite and free of name calling. You've directly called me an a**ho*le and your pals are calling everyone who doesn't agree with them a bigot.

Isn't that ironic. Seems to me that no one on your side of the debate is tolerant of other viewpoints. So, by definition, doesn't that make you the bigots?

TimeWarp13 and Boo,
The sexual imagery in the display window was a transgendered issue and not a gay issue. People were offended by the fact that one of the male mannequins was wearing a skirt or sarong and had feminine breasts. Male "pecs" like that are not the result of a gym membership.

Boo said...

Anonymous- male "pecs" like that are the result of a tight shirt being on a mannequin. If you serisouly think all mannequins are transgendered, get some counseling (which you should probably do anyway.)

Intolerance of bigotry is not bigotry, nice try. If you stretch the definition of "tolerance" to the point that it has no meaning, then everyone's a bigot and the word is meaningless. Not inviting the Klan to give a "balanced perspective" in schools during Black History Month is not bigotry, it is opposition to bigotry.

Anonymous said...


I've read that emotional immaturity is a common trait among gays. You and the rest of your group have proved that through your practice of name calling.

I don't think all mannequins are transgendered so I'll pass on the counseling. You couldn't help yourself, I suppose, when you suggested I get some anyway.

Yes, you are intolerant of bigotry but that's not what I was saying. My point was that you are also intolerant of my views on public displays of sexuality. Rather than listening to what I had to say, you and the others on this blog resorted to name calling. I wasn't hateful; I was just presenting a different perspective. Clearly, you are not interested in intelligent discussion. You'd rather cry to each other about that nasty Mass Resistance group and their efforts to impede your so called progress.

Boo said...

Anonymous- once again you practice bigotry in trying to prove you aren't a bigot:

"Rather than listening to what I had to say, you and the others on this blog resorted to name calling."

No, I haven't resorted to name calling. That another commenter did is the other commenter's issue, not mine. I have listened to what you had to say and responded to it. It's true I don't think much of you since your opinions are shallow and bigoted, but I have attacked your ideas, not you. Now you have made the assumption that all of "the gays" or even all of "you on this blog" are somehow a monolithic group, all alike, and all somehow responsible for each other's actions. So yes, that's more bigotry. I'm neither the blogger nor Ryan Charisma, anonymous, I'm just someone who happened to leave some commments.

Seeing transgendered imagery in mannequins just because they're wearing tight shirts is silly, anonymous. According to the first commenter, who says he actually went into the store and checked out the other mannequins, it's just the way they're all made. And yes, your perspective is indeed hateful:

"People who don't want their young children exposed to the concept of homosexual lifestyles are not bigots."

That statement is objectively hateful. The idea that children need to be protected from a window display of two mannequins just standing there next to an event calendar can have no rational basis except animus.

Mark D. Snyder said... calls for protest rally: SUNDAY: Macy's 10am-1pm

Ryan Charisma said...

oh please Anonomous,

1- I speak my mind, not on behalf of the entire gay community. And I'm not name calling when I labeled you "assh*le". See name calling would mean I was simply just lashing out and the words would be meaninless and possibly not true. But you've earned the title and you are indeed just that. I'm sure it's a word you've heard before in reference to yourself; so in turn your inability to recognize the greater truth is price paid for immaturity. If I were name calling I wouldn't stop at just one deliciously irreverent word. You "Anonomous" would get a slew of them.

2- you are a bigot

3- hiding behind 'anonomous' says much about you; you're not interested in intelligent conversation at all. How can it be when you say all those hateful things and don't even recognize you're saying them? You spew your ignorance and then proceed to feign being upset because you've offended me and I react.

I refuse to argue with ignorance.

Anonymous said...

If you have to state that you're mainstream, you aren't.

Anonymous said...

They thinnk that the mannequins are transgendered? Good lord--how nutty can you get? last I checked, mannequins had no genitals--does that reflect an unhealthy mannequin tendency toward sexual mutilation?

Run, run! The manneuins with boobies are coming for our children!

muerk said...

I personally didn't think those mannequins had "breasts", my husband otoh did. I don't think children would even register the window display to be honest, I know it would just fly right over their heads.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from a trip to New York. All of the male mannequins in the Macy's and Lord and Taylor windows there had pecs, too.

It must be some sort of gay conspiracy!

Carlina said...

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