Monday, June 26, 2006

Rest In Peace Aaron!

Our condolences go out to the Spelling family upon the passing of Aaron Spelling. Spelling was responsible for some of the most fabulous and campiest TV shows when I watched growing up: The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Hart to Hart, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty, Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. He also produced the TV movies including "And the Band Played on".

In addition to the high camp value, his shows also included gay characters. From Steven Colby in Dynasty to Doug Savant's character in Melrose Place, Spelling's TV shows never shied away from gay themes. Spelling even cast Rock Hudson in the last role he would ever play.

I can remember LOVING Charlie's Angels but it wasn't just because the women were beautiful. It was because these women could look sassy and sexy and still be empowered. Even if they were wearing a bikini they could still pull out a gun and apprehend the bad guys. (I loved the outfits!)

While you will be missed your television legacy will endure. I'm sure in the future some young gay boy will be watching a rerun of Dynasty and think:

"Wow, all these powerful women: Krystal Grant Jennings Carrington, Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan and Dominique Deveraux Lloyd, two out of three slept with Blake AND don't they look fierce!"*

*Dominque was Blake's half sister.


Anonymous said...

Hey check out MR's latest post re: creative MassEquality sticker applications. Our Lady of Unceasing Self Abuse must have 'suffered' through the 81 previous pictures in the gallery before she could regain enough control of trembling (itchy?) fingers to post her "blog" entry. 81 Amy?! You go girl!

theAguy said...

When your group has more names than actual members it is tough to keep the hate speech machine firing on all cylinders.

Sure, Amy Contandra, AKA "Amy the office girl" and "MS. Mass Resistance" is able to pump out a blog posting several times a week.

But, the Article 8, Mass Resistance, Parents Rights Coalition, Interfaith Coalition web site has been stale for weeks.

Brain and Amy assured us that they dispatched someone to take pictures at Gay Pride and promised several pictures would be posted on the 11th, but here it is the 27th and still no pics.

Last year, Amy ran a photo of me marching with GOAL under the caption " How would you like to be stopped by one of these guys in the middle of the night". You see Mass Resistance is just trying to stimulate political debate and is free from personal attacks.

Brain has also had trouble uploading his infomercial radio program onto the web. Up untill today, he was still promoting and offering the show that was heard on the 1st Saturday in June.

Later for those of you who can't stay awake during Brains Paid Program, I will offer some hightlights from the past 3 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to add that they've removed all email address to contact them too. Her old email agragon2003@gmail seems to have disappeared. Kinda of stupid email address for a 50something year old woman any how. Even their "website" doesn't have their contact sheet anymore just one email for What a bunch of losers.

Anonymous said...

oops I meant

Anonymous said...

At the same time Article8 thugs are lurking in conservative newsgroups and whacking anyone who dares suggest homosexuality and abortion aren't the only issues that matter when picking elected officials.

Of course, they almost never identify themselves as being from Article8. John Haskins is particularly bad about this.

Oddly, they're claiming Mitt Romney and John McCain pro-choice. News to me (and I suspect them).

theAguy said...

Don't you think it is odd that Brain has a hotmail account for his email.

I thought only young gay guys from Ivy league schools and escorts used hotmail

Anonymous said...

Article 8 er..MassResistance has always had trouble updating all their websites. Most of the time they do one at a time. I think Contrada does most of the writing because she certainly doesn't have time to dust her dining room table but then again she wouldn't have any place to write on.......

Anonymous said...

I think they get a bulk rate. When I first started posting here, I naively used a blogger account which gave my e-mail address. I got over 30 e-mails calling me variations of "godless faggot" all from hotmail accounts.