Tuesday, June 27, 2006

They're Not All That Different When You Look At Them

Last night we watched Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History on A & E. Unfortunately, I don't know if they are going to replay it but you can rent or buy it. Some interesting facts presented in the documentary:

  • The KKK started because they were against blacks having equal rights although they didn't start off being violent.
  • They disguised themselves with masks and used the anonymity to intimidate and harass those who were not white and protestant.
  • They said what they were doing was "for the children of the future"
  • They did what they did in the name of Jesus Christ (hence the burning crosses)
  • Klan intimidation was often targeted at schoolteachers
  • They were considered a "resistance" group

It's a great documentary and I highly recommend learning about these hate group if for no other reason than to spot the similarities to hate groups that are around today.


Mark D. Snyder said...

Unfortunately the KKK is still around - maybe not thriving - but still around. Where I am from in Pennsylvania (Snyder County) they have an active little chapter and they have stolen ideas from the gays in that they seriously have pride parades from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that all those bullet points that Bud listed can easily be applied to PRC, A8A, Massresistance or whatever name they're going by this week, by simply changing the word "blacks" in the first line to "gays" ? They haven't turned violent, YET, but they certainly disguise themselves (right, Amy "from our office" Contrada?) to intimidate those who don't hold her views? They claim that what they're doing is "for the children". John Haskins' boring diatribes relentlessly refer to religion to support his claims. They regularly attack school teachers, principals, and even superintendents. And of course they think of themselves as a "resistance" group, hence their latest name.

One has to wonder if in 40-50 years, will A&E have a documentary titled "MassResistance: A Secret History", with Miss Amy "from our back office" Contrada as the star...who will play her in the documentary?? :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's anyone that ugly on the inside so it would be a HUGE acting job. As for Brian, I can see James Woods playing him, he has that pockmarked face and is used to playing evil characters.

Anonymous said...

Another earmark is the disdain for facts and therefore science.

In today's blog, Am Contrada endorses a video by Ryan Sorba on the "born gay hoax." Ryan is not, as you might expect, a researcher. He's a psychology major and the former head of the Cal State-San Bernadino College Republicans.

You may rememeber reading about him -- he maintains a watch list for "liberal" professors, tried to form a "Christians only" student group, and was booted from the College Republicans for staging Article8/Fred Phelps style homophobic protests of a gender class.

Here's a writing sample from the "expert" ms. Contrada is so despoerate to beleive:


From Ryan Sorba
By Sorba - May 15th, 2006 at 7:33 pm EDT
Adler talks about Christianists, but I bet he is a homosexualist (a homosexual political activist) and I 'll bet he developed his homosexual desires in one of two ways. Perhaps he was abused as a child and has developed hetero-phobia -a deep irrational fear of heterosexuality- like Ellen Degeneres, who was hetero-sexual until her step father attempted to molest her... twice, or, perhaps, he is a hetero-repugnant homosexual; in other words he feels that the opposite sex is beneath him and that his own "gender" is superior! Like the Greeks, or, many modern feminist factions. Either way his desires are not natural and his disdain for the "Christianist" others is probably a result of unresolved personal emotional issues. I hope you see the light soon Mr. Adler and remember, The Conservative Revolution is upon us!!!!!

Never forget. MassResistance is a hate group. Truth is their biggest enemy.

Ku Klux Klanilicious said...

But wouldn't Brian look fetching in a long, flowing white shroud, pointed hood, and full-face mask?

Ooh, I'd just want to PINCH him, he'd be so cute!

Ryan said...

Hey Bud,

Ryan Sorba here, from the conservative revolution! Hey, I read what you wrote about me on the internet, well, guess what.......? It turns out that I am in Mass. right now, -your home state! You sound quite sure of your pro-homosexual stance, so, I challenge you to a full scale, public, academic debate! I will be in the Boston area until around Nov. 10th, organizing new conservative student groups on Boston college campus's. I am certain that one of these new groups would love to host the debate. Any time, any place, just let me know! You can email me at amendcali@yahoo.com with your response!

P.S. The conservative revolution is upon us!!!!!

P.S. 2, I am still the President of the College Republicans at Cal State, you need to get your facts straight, among other things!

Anonymous said...

Mr.Sorba is again WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!!!!! The real College Republicans have reorganized and are calling themselves the Coyote Conservative Union. We are not like Mr. Sorba and his band of Christofascist heretics. Yes, i am using the term Christofascist, just like Islamofascist, Christofascist believe in the will to power. The long for the mythical days of a "Christian America." Just like Islamofascist pervert true Islam, Christofascist masquerade as evangelical Christians. They have taken over the Southern Baptist Convention. As a REAL Evangelical Baptist, i call on all evangelicals of conscience to resist and fight back. We need to take back our denomination from the likes of Ryan Sorba and the Christofascists. PS. The California College Republicans are GLAD that Sorba is gone. Now we can get back to business of electing Republicans. Hmm, thanks to Sorba and his ilk, the GOP lost control of Congress.