Friday, June 16, 2006

They used to call me Piggy!

In a followup to Brian Camenker's salacious press release which accused adults and school officials of fueling and inciting 1st graders to beat David Parker's son, the Lexington C.A.R.E.S. group released a press release yesterday. (The Lexington C.A.R.E.S. group came together after parents and residents of Lexington were concerned about the publicity and impact of David Parker's arrest since everything in the media was one sided):

Contrary to a statement released on June 14 by Brian Camenker of MassResistance, an altercation that involved David Parker's son at Lexington's Estabrook School was totally unrelated to his father's activism. Lexington C.A.R.E.S. views the accusations in the MassResistance press release as baseless, meaningless and without merit. This is nothing more than another publicity stunt by Brian Camenker.
The story, on an initial glance, is much more credible, especially if you have ever been a first grader.

A classmate, who is a friend of Mr. Parker's son, was mad at him because he sat in someone else's seat at lunch. At recess, the boy went over and started punching him. Other children stood around and watched. The playground aide noticed a cluster of children and headed over. She was met half way by a girl who ran to get help. The aide soon arrived and broke up the fight between these two 7-year-olds. Mr. Parker's son indicated to the aide that he was not hurt and that he did not want to go to the nurse.
This isn't Lord of the Flies here. Once again it appears that the Lexington School teachers did every right, including not making a spectacle of the event of which Article 8 was more than happy to provide.

From publishing pictures of other people's children without their permission to issuing press releases about school yard antics Article 8/Massresistance appears to have no boundaries. Oops, I made a mistake. They do have boundaries when it comes to Article 8/Massreistance's "volunteers" who are named in public. They prefer the cloak of darkness and anonymity.


Mass Marrier said...

Hmmm. The likely truth is far less likely to be on rightwing radio than tales of rampaging gangs of Unitarian 7-year-olds forcing their politics on the lad.

If the school sniffers discover this is the real tale, how long do we wait for retraction from Parker and Article8...a day, a thousand years, longer?

Anonymous said...

It is already nationwide news. I was at the local diner this morning and one of the older Baptist church ladies mentioned "how terrible that the gays beat up the poor little Parker kid". I asked her where she had heard it and she said from a "national internet news website" last nite. I repeated the version from the Lexington paper and she said "Well thats the Teachers Union version and we know how truthfull they are". Once it gets out it becomes "the truth" no matter what the real truth is.

Rieux said...

I remember the day when the 'phobes were adamant that it was important to protect young Mr. Parker's privacy by keeping his name out of all of the stories about his father's meltdown at Estabrook. And that was fine, so far as it goes: this kid is being punished enough by having such a public bigot for a father.

Lexington C.A.R.E.S. clearly still believes that the younger Mr. Parker deserves as much anonymity as is still possible--the boy is referred to as "Mr. Parker's son" in the statement linked here.

But MassResistance is apparently good and ready to throw the kid under a bus. To hell with protecting him from disclosure--in MR's wild-eyed press release, Jacob Parker is the embattled star of the show.

So MassResistance is concerned for children's welfare. Sure they are.

ebohlman said...

The Teachers' Union version? Your Church Lady seems to have trouble understanding the difference between labor and management; school superintendents (like the one who issued the press release) are generally considered the latter.