Friday, June 23, 2006

Truth Wins Out

Truth Wins Out is a group started by Wayne Bensen to counter the claims by anti-gay organizations that gay and lesbians are disordered and can change their orientation.
Truth Wins OUT has compiled a 10-point strategic plan to challenge the ex-gay ministries. If enacted, ex-gay groups such as Exodus will lose any credibility. Far more important, we will reduce the dangerous appeal of ex-gay programs to parents, youth, and others struggling with acceptance.
Just this past week they exposed TWO incidents where Focus on the Family distorted research to support it's anti-gay causes. Bravo! Wayne, I'm sure your group will have a lot to do in the future since groups like Focus on the Family and Exodus put out distortions and lies almost daily.

For all their talk about "changing hundreds of thousands" of homosexuals, we only ever hear from these "ex-gay groups" are testimonies from Alan Chambers and Steven Bennett, two people who make a living off of being "Ex-Gay"


Mr. Question said...

Query --- is it that they intentionally distort the truth (in which case they're Christian hypocrites); or is it that they're just not smart enough to understand the reports?

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for a little of both, although the Article8 people are clearly just making things up as they go along.

John Haskins pulled out the long debunked "gay people have shorter lifespans" in an argument last week. The problem is he uses it as a battering ram: "how can you possibly support a life style choice which dramatically reduces peoples lifespans?"

It's a "when diid you stop beating your wife" argument. Even people who remember the study he purposely doesn't cite, can't bring facts bback into the argument.

"Lesbian suicides" will become just another one of the litany of "facts" they use to smack down people that disagree with them.

You can't argue with people who present "facts" like this:

Molly, grow up, for the sake of your homosexual “friends,” at least. I’ve had enough conversations with enough homosexual friends to know that homosexuality grosses most of THEM out. I suspect they tell me things they’ll never tell you because you’re patronizing them with a false tolerance that meticulously avoids all the pathos underneath. Pathos is unsanitary. Sad. Dirty. Ugly. Terrifying.

John Haskins, 06/14/06

Chris Mason said...

The "ex-gay" faction is one of the most dangerous parts of the anti-gay movement. It breeds suicidal LGBT youth. Let's hope that Truth One Out can make an impact.