Friday, June 9, 2006

Macy's Protest and Boycott

There will be a protest at Macy's on Sunday June 12th at 10:00 to 1:00. If you have a charge and haven't cancelled it yet, today may be a good time to do it. Queer Today has more information:

We are calling on Macy's to admit they were wrong and apologize directly to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community for their offensive removal of the queer pride Mannequins and life-saving web addresses. We do not want watered down public relations sound bites. We want a real apology and an admission of wrongdoing. While the removal of the mannequins was severely offensive, the removal and return of the AIDS Action Committee web url was a direct slap in the face to our community during the 25th anniversary of the discovery of AIDS. Images of LGBT people will always offend the radical right so Macy's "striking a balance" excuse reeks of homophobia.


Mark D. Snyder said...

Rally/Protest is scheduled for 10am-1pm Thanks everyone for your support and solidarity.

Anonymous said...

macy's has already appoligized to the boston pride comittie and the glbt comunity as well as the AAC and will continue to suport the glbt comunity

Anonymous said...

Where's their statement and where the original window?

Mark D. Snyder said...

I did not know they apologized and why not return the mannequins then? And did they admit that what they did was wrong?

Anonymous said...

Well, it appears that Macy's apologized to the Boston Pride Committee but there is nothing to say what the apology said. they also didn't put the mannequins back into the window yet did they? If they do make restitution then instead of a protest we have a "love in".

Anonymous said...

I really think the anger towards Macy's is misdirected. They are one of the most gay-friendly companies and they were cool enough to even put up a Pride display and keep it up despite the controversy. How many other retailers put up pride displays?? Maybe we should protest the ones who have no displays. The taking down of the manequins was a mistake but on the whole they have been good to the community and to AIDS causes. I think we should be channelling all this anger towards the real evil doers at massressistance. They have done and will continue to do much more damage to our community than a very gay-friednly company.

richard kearns said...

wanted to let you know i posted a link to your site in a series of articles. it actually focuses on what the writer above worries about: massresistance and brian canmaker

macy’s celebrates gay pride in boston by mounting, then removing “most offensive part” of “boston pride” display window (two “gay” mannequins with pecs and nipples showing thru shirts, one wearing a rainbow flag-like beach towel) after an effective pressure campaign is quickly & successfully grandstanded by anti-gay group massResistance, formerly article 8. all sides are pissed at macy’s/federated. suite sheet (322.1)

322.7 brian canmaker in response & link (massResistenceWatch)

richard kearns


theAguy said...

Brain and Amy were on their paid infomercial, on the obscure low rated radio station this morning patting themselves on the back about what a great job they did on the Macy's window display.

They are now telling 3 different stories about how they found about the display.

On her blog, Amy said she first learned about the display after reading a Herald story.

Brain told that he happended to be in downtown crossing and went by the window.

Today on their infomercial, Amy says it was she who was in Downtown Crossing and took the pictures that appeared on the Article 8 web site with her trusty digital camera she always carries with her in the event she runs into gay people.

At the end of the day, I think we came out ahead on this one.
All we lost was a couple of manequins. 95% percent of the public who had no idea this was Pride week now know and Brian and Amy were further exposed as the twisted creepy people that they are.

I enjoyed reading the negative coments on this blog the past week.
It is interesting that Amy doesn't have the courage to allow comments on her blog.

I don't know if a protest outside of Macy's is nescessary, but I do like the idea of having a couple of live manaquines stand outside the window tomorrow.

Happy Pride everyone!

bostonph said...

Has anyone noticed just how crapppy the Globe's coverage of all this has been?

Not only has the Herald beaten them in coverage at every step, in the middle of this they published another one of Jeff Jacoby's attempts to justify his opposition to gay marriage (by my count he's had more reasons than Article8 has had names). Jacoby may not be a bigot, but in my mind he''s something much worse - an apologist for bigotry.

At the same time, the Globe continues to treat Brian Camenker as if he were a credible news source. Every article they print on gay rights or gay marriage includes a quote from Brian for "balance."

I think we're much better served by lobbying our local media to stop talking to Brian and Article8/MassResistance, than we are by boycotting Macy's.

BTW, Amy Contrada has posted the Channel 7 coverage. Note that Brian is now identifying himself as part of MassResistance, not Article8.

Herb said...

I find Brian Camenker's face offensive.

Boston Bud said...

I don't think having Brian Camenker comment in the Globe on gay issues is a bad thing. Clearly, he is to the extreme right on everything so having him comment just makes the other side appear out of touch and comical. Do you think anyone is going to look at Brian Camenker and not think "Gay mannequins with breasts" anymore. This issue is their downfall since everyone that has picked up the story has shown how crazy they are (they're going after mannequins!)

theaguy said...

I think Brian is exactly the type of spokesman the far right haters need. He is very unattractive, he makes ridiculios arguments and when the press looks into what ever his group is calling itself this week, they find that Article 8 is basically Amy, Brain and some guy who pop's up now and then and identifies himself as the Associate Director of the Article 8 Allaince.

I hope Brain and his crew get involved in a lot of legislative races this fall, their tatics are so repugnent that they actually win votes for our candidates.

They are credited with winning the election for Carl Scortino in Somerville.

Most of the radio talk shows in Boston lean to the right and when they have Brain on they let a lot of his crazy statements go by the boards, but this week he was on with Paul Sullivan, a moderate and pro equality talk show host.

When he statrted calling Brain on some on some of the outlandish things he was saying, Brain got very flustered and threatened to end the interview. But he didn't he loves the attention to much.

Brian says he changed the name group from Article 8 to MassResistance because know one knew what the hell Article 8 ment or stood for and he kept having to explain the name to everybody.

I think the fact that the Article 8 bill in the House of Representatives will never see the light of day had something to do with the name change.

As a media professional for the last 25 years who as worked as a reporter, producer, and executive with the Associated Pressin Boston New York and Washington DC, I can tell you that a lot of journalists are lazy and when they need an anti gay person to balance a story the use Brain because he is always avaiable to make a comment.

Pride was very wet but still a great day to see everyone

Mark D. Snyder said...

I think we should all focus on article hate at tomorrows rally. COnsider tomorrow's rally a call for companies not to bow to people like them. We will find a way in our messaging to be thankful for macy's history of acceptance, but also denounce their silly decision.

Mark D. Snyder said...

Some recreations of the mannequin display would be really fun I hope people bring rainbow skirts.

bostonph said...

Thanks Mark. That's really the core of my point. macy's isn't the problem. People should not be afraid of offending bigots like MassResistance.

Richard W. Lewis, Sr. said...

We should choose our battles carefully.

The Macy's window battle is not one of them.

I respectfully suggest that those who show at Macy's on SUnday be there to support Macy's not to berate them.

Mark D. Snyder said...

Its a "balancing act" hehe to quote macy's themselves. We have to recognize they have supported us in the past but their decision to cave in to the right wing cant go unchecked. This protest is not going to be militant like our james dobson protest.

Mark D. Snyder said...


Anonymous said...

Apparently you struck a nerve. Today's MassResistance blog entry is all about how mean everybody is to them.

Not to be cold hearted, but boo fucking hoo. Did Amy really expect us to love her for spending her life attacking us?

Anonymous said...

bostonph @ Saturday, June 10, 2006 1:16:59 PM

At the same time, the Globe continues to treat Brian Camenker as if he were a credible news source. Every article they print on gay rights or gay marriage includes a quote from Brian for "balance."

The latter phenomenon isn't limited to the Globe. In virtually every segment that I have heard on NPR or programs produced by their member stations (such as those from Boston University's WBUR) that involved any gay issue has in years past included at least a comment from the "other side" for "balance." WGBH TV does the same thing. In fact, sometimes they let the "anti's" dominate the discussion.

I have sent comments to them asking whether they always include comments from segregationists when they have an integration/minority segment, or comments from American Nazis when they have a segment about Jewish issues. Never got a response, so I pretty much stopped listening to them or watching their programs, and I certainly don't contribute.

BTW, regarding Camenker's rather silly "skirt" issue, I gather that

(i) he is unaware that there are lesbians, probably at least some of whom wear skirts, and

(ii) males in Polynesia and Scotland do--or at least have--worn skirts (they're called sarongs in Polynesia and kilts in Scotland); that form of dress is not limited to females.

Camenker is such an idiot.


Anonymous said...

As a friend remarked over the weekend - Article8 is the NAMBLA of the anti-gay marriage movement. No matter which side of the issue you're on, they are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

With the latest rantings in a "open letter" by John Haskin ("one of our regular contributors", uh...try your only contributor Amy/Brian) to Menino, and the highly religious introduction that Ms. Massresistance has on her "blog", one can only conclude that they're closer to Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist loonies than ever before.

Camenker saying he's a "orthodox Jew" as his excuse for not going to pride is quite a stretch too. Did he spend the day in shul? Does he lay t'filin every morning? Have you ever seen him with his talit katahn sticking out of his shirt? Does he EVER wear a yarmulke? He's as Jewish as Madonna is a virgin.

Matt said...

I love the fact that people really think that the mannequins were supposed to be transgendered (because of perceived big breasts). That's hilarious! Do they really, really think that the fashion industry, which is not exactly known for it's sensitivity to different body types, would MAKE transgender mannequins, and that Macy's would then buy them? Come on, people--they're MANNEQUINS, for crying out loud!

And then the idea that there was something gender-deviant about someone having a flag wrapped around his waist? Come on. Does Brian Camenker take extra care not to wrap a towel around himself when he gets out of the shower, since that could be interpreted as wearing a skirt?

Anonymous said...

You're assuming the man bathes. . .