Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Further Evidence of Massresistance/Article 8's Made Up Story

The Lexington Public Schools issued a second press release yesterday:

Recently, the media reported on a playground fight at Estabrook School in Lexington, Massachusetts, where one first grade student hit another first grade student. After the media focus on this incident, the Estabrook School principal issued a letter to parents reporting the details of this incident and the school's response, and the Superintendent of the Lexington Public Schools issued a similar report to the community and the press. Because of an allegation that the incident was "fueled and incited by adults (and yes, school officials)," the Superintendent, after having conducted his own investigation, referred the incident to the Lexington Police Department, the Middlesex District Attorney and the Department of Social Service(DSS).

The Lexington Police Department has issued the following statement, "The school department is handling this situation involving two first graders professionally and does not require action from the police." The Child Abuse Prevention office of the District Attorney and the DSS have each declined to initiate investigations, in part because the parents of the first grader who was hit have not filed a complaint, and in part because they found no basis for an investigation in the facts and circumstances reported. The School Committee and the Superintendent have both concluded that the allegation of adult involvement in and/or incitement of this minor
playground incident is entirely without merit.

So this is more evidence that Article 8/MassResistance just made up this whole story to gather further publicity, apparently judging the size of mannequins chests didn't give them enough newscopy for the month.

Upon further investigation it looks like this whole scheme of blaming adults and gay marriage for an unrelated incident with 1 st graders is a ploy by Article 8/Massresistance to make money for themselves. Even the conservative Free Republic, which is covering this "story" questions Camenker's press release and frankly doesn't believe it:

Why didn't Parker file a police report for several weeks? (He never filed a police report) Why didn't Parker take his son to a hospital to see if he had internal injuries from this "mob" that attacked him? Why did he permit his son to visit the home of the boy who presumably attacked him? Why hasn't Parker opened a complaint with Children's Services and the DA?

Why should we believe one word he says? He's permitting so much misinformation to be spread it's become an urban legend. That suits his agenda just fine. It's not a bad agenda, but using a child to further it is disgusting. And possibly dangerous to the child.

Addition: The Globe has an article on this story in today's paper. You can read it here. Again it dispels the myth that Article 8/Massreistance is trying to put forth.

And now the World is Still Flat Award Goes to:
Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance, said he still believes Parker's son was beaten up because of his father's views. ``The kids have been incited on this," he said. ``There's a lot of anger."


Jeffrey said...

This hasn't stopped MassNews from continuing to spread the lies either.

Voices from the 1st Grade said...

Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance, said he still believes Parker's son was beaten up because of his father's views. ``The kids have been incited on this," he said. ``There's a lot of anger." He continued, "The First Grader Community is deeply divided over the issue of gay marriage and the upcoming vote in the ConCon." According to seven-year old Chelsea Smith "We made 'Let The People' signs out of construction paper and stuff, but like, then I, mine had bees on it, and I once got stung by a bee. I don't like bees." Jon Robertson of Mrs. Jenkins first-grade class told the Globe that his class was planning on attending the ConCon in July, but that the plans were scuttled when it was discovered that it conflicted with nap time. Seven year old Catholic rights activist Mary Margaret O'Brien, who was making a paper turkey from a tracing on her hand explained that "marriage is dying in Scandinavia and that the Spedale's report that the Danish marriage rate increased 10 percent from 1990 to 1996 was not a definitive sign of a sustainable trend."

MArcie said...

Here's a guy that's obviously on Camenker's email list but he can't even get the "facts" from Camenker correct. As one example, he has Parker getting arrested because of the King & King book. He even tells his readers to make a donation to Massresistance as a means to support Parker's legal fees.

Oh, and in traditional Massresistance style, he gives out Lexington Superintendent's home telephone number, now where do you think he got that from?

Anonymous said...

I think MassResistance and MassNews operate on the theory that facts are relative and people are gullible. If you can get a story reported out beyond your blog, it becomes "internet truth" and can then be used as code during your next round of gay bashing.


p.s. When did MassResistance become "a Waltham-based parents' group"?

Anonymous said...

MassNews makes it clear that the real point of this is to slime Meg Soens. After Tony Snow, she appears to be the greatest danger facing the United States.

Does anyone know who the current editor/writer is? The site claims Mr. Pawlick has retired.

Herb said...

What is this fixation with Tony Snow? What does Snow have to do with "Mass" news. For a so called news website they are strange to say the least. Just as secretive as the Wit Triplets at MassResistance. Total secrecy. No mention as to who the editor is or who sponsors the site. Someone must be paying the bills. This whole episode is going to give Camenker and crew the credibility of an amoeba. I hate to access these sites on my computer - I'm afraid the slim will short out my motherboard.

Herb said...

Slime I meant....

Anonymous said...

Hey, Buddy, you made it sound like that quote in blue from freerepublic ("Why should we believe one word he says?....) was what the freerepublic staff wrote, but that link just shows a bunch of comments to the AP story, so freerepublic isn't really saying they disbelieve it. If you're going to accuse people of misleading others, you have to be EXTRA careful that you don't committ the very thing you are accusing others of.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Massnews must be sidelined since they haven't updated their daily news in two days. They must be working on some new story about Tony Snow or the publisher of the Boston Globe, they are SO on top of things!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing MassNews is off spending "quality time" with his Best of Brit Hume video.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody else find MassNews' obsession with Brit Hume creepy?

Not that Amy Contrada's obsession with Meg Soens isn't.