Sunday, June 4, 2006

Open A New Window!

A couple of things this lovely morning from Article 8's Email Update!

It seems that Article 8 is upset because of mannequins in Macy's Boston store's window and they're asking their followers (America needs to complain!) to call Macy's and complain. They want Macy's to "Take down this display immediately!" Here are the numbers they are giving out and don't forget to call Article 8 too and thank them for allowing us to thank Macy's for putting on such a fabulous display:

Macy's East Coast Office (New York City): Mike McNamus 800-264-0069 ext. 2337

Macy's East Coast Public Relations (New York City): Elina Kazan 212-494-4624

Manager, Boston Macy's Dept. Store: Linda Stahley 617-357-3164

Special Events Coordinator, Boston office: Robin Rydell [Article 8's comment:She has acknowledged to us that it was her decision to put up the "gay pride" window display!] 617-357-2727 So we should call and thank her.

President, Macy's East Coast Operations: James Gray Executive Offices, 151 W. 34th St. New York, NY 10001 212-695-4400

From the picture on Article 8's website it looks like a good window. It gives out all the information for Boston pride including a website. Macy's should be commended for including all types of diversity in their windows!

UPDATE: As of this morning, 6-6-06, the two mannequins were removed from the Macy's window. The schedule of Pride events was still up.


Anonymous said...

Just got a look at the Macy's window. It looks FAB! Thank you Macy's!

Mark D. Snyder said...


Anonymous said...

If there's any question Brian and Amy and the rest of the Article8 bunch are bigots, this should end it. Macy's ran a very tasteful and appropriate display and Article8 calls for people to disrupt their business.

Don't forget to write Governor Romney and ask why he takes policy advice from people like Brian Camenker.

Also write the Globe and ask why they quote Brian on
gay related issue. Also ask them why they insist on callling him "a conservative activist" rather than an "anti-gay activist."

Thank you Macy's!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just called Macy's, they said Thanks!

Marcie said...

Just got back from Macy's and I saw that the window is still up. Looks like Article 8's calls are having no effect.

Ryan Charisma said...


there's only two of them. and caller ID can fix that problem.

I'm sure Amy & Brian are used to people not answering thier calls.

Anonymous said...

The two men have been removed from the window

Anonymous said...

The that Amy used of the "tranny bois" were so freaking old it wasn't even funny. She really needs to update her collection of pics.

Anonymous said...

If the two men have been removed from the window, we need to call and complain. What motivation is there for this besides bigotry? Imagine if they complained about Black history month.

Mark D. Snyder said...

If the two are removed, and i will find out soon because I am downtown, we should definately join together in writing a letter to macy's and maybe even stopping by for a friendly chat, and I do mean friendly.

How offensive that they would put the manequins up only to remove them.

Tom said...

Well, I agree that skirt IS horrible. The mannequins would be better displayed in their skivies, and with normal male chests!

Mark D. Snyder said...

All maiboxes full for the calls.. they are flooded with calls natwionwide and the media.

Anonymous said...

It's not a skirt - it's a pride flag... dubious attire, but still far more attractive than anything I've ever seen Brian Camenker or Amy Contrada wear.

Anonymous said...

You people should read the Bible sometime. Man goes with woman and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

No anonymous poster, the Bible says that Woman BELONGS to Man.

Anonymous said...

to annoymous 06070612:45pm..Why do All christians think we have to listen to them or read their publications?...not everyone is christian or wants to read the fantasy in the keep your bible reading comments in your home or church...I promise not to intrude on your bigotry there. But if you mean that everyone in america needs to read the fiction you call "the bible" then "You" need to move to a Theocracy like Iran!

Jamie S. said...

Macy's has censored its window by removing not only the mannequins but also the URLs for Boston Pride and AIDS Action.

Our society has always tried to make GLBT folk invisible. We grow up thinking we are alone and different. Now Macy's has put their mannequins back in the closet.

Remind Macy's who shops and works in their stores and ask them to put the window back as originally designed.

Linda Stahley
Manager, Boston Macy's

Happy Pride!