Friday, June 16, 2006

Update on MassResistance's Salacious Press Release

Paul B. Ash, the Superintendent of Lexington Schools issued a press release today on the playground incident in Lexington. Some notable quotes:
On May 17, several first graders were involved in a disagreement over who would sit where in the cafeteria. As a result, upon going outside one child took another by the hand and brought him to a third student in an area of the playground that is somewhat difficult for the adults to see. (The student who was hit said that he went willingly.) All children who saw agreed that the third student then hit the student who had been brought to him two to four times in the chest/abdomen (children’s accounts vary) and he fell to his knees. The student who was hit says he was hit when down; the other children say he wasn’t. One child reports that one student held the arm of the student who was hit; however, the child who was hit and the other children did not report this. The children involved named five children who were nearby watching but not directly involved. Several other students were close enough to see a cluster of students but not close enough to see what was happening. The student who did the hitting suggested that others also hit, but none of them did so. Based on the children’s accounts, this all may have happened in under a minute. The aide on duty saw a group of children gathering, and as she walked toward them was approached by a child that said someone was being bullied. When the aide inquired what was going on, the child who was hit identified one student who hit him, and the other children agreed. The child who was hit said he was not hurt and did not want to
go to the nurse. He reported that his feelings were hurt, because the child who hit him was his friend.
And also:
In this case, we followed all of our usual procedures and worked with both sets of parents to resolve this issue. We are surprised that it has resurfaced in a press release issued by a group calling itself Mass Resistance without any prior contact with the school. The press release states that the incident was "fueled and incited by adults (and yes, school officials).” We have found nothing in our investigation that would support this allegation in any way. Nonetheless, in the interest of an open and thorough review of the incident, the matter has been referred by the superintendent to the Lexington police, District attorney’s office, and the Department of Social Services for independent investigation.
Let's hope that they investigate this fully and that they contact Brian Camenker, who seems to know a lot about the incident to write a sensational press release, to find out where the "facts" he has came from or whether this is another "if you give me enough time I'm sure I can link gay marriage to this" story.

They care so much for children that Article 8/MassResistance even goes so far as to name Parker's son in their press release in addition to including "facts" that have nothing to do with this incident.


Marcie said...

For the second time in one week, the MassResistance blog posted pictures of children and then took them down days later.

Mass Marrier said...

Thanks for the quick and thorough posts, Bud.

You'd think that even these clowns would modulate themselves before making accusations of criminal and civilly actionable offenses by both kids and adults. They forever have their big, swinging legal cudgel ready. They should know better.

So, all the witnesses, adult and child, including the Mad Dad's lad, say one thing and they extrapolate things they have to know are false, and then publish them. Think. Think. Think. Is someone bearing false witness? Think. Think. Think.

A Friendly Neighbor said...

Considering this was sent to every rightwingnut and "Christian" web outpost, do you think maybe BC saw a grand fundraising opportunity for his floundering group? Maybe Mad Dad really, truly does care about the welfare of his son, but you can bet money that says "In God We Trust" that BC doesn't give a rat's rear end for Parker pere or fils. He's using them. He only cares about shoring up "MassResistance" before it's swept away by the inrushing tide of common sense and decency. Well that and spreading the "big lie," all the while claiming that he's the victim.

What a POS.

Anonymous said...

Brian Camenker is a sad, sad, pitiful little man. Contrada on the other had is something out of an Edger Allen Poe story.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget John Haskins their "acting director." His open letters to Mayor Menino, Mitt Romney and (going back a bit) Paul Cellucci are models of frothing homophobia.

So are his posts here:

and here:

Fortunately he doesn't have a blog (unless you count Worldnet).

BTW, has anyone noticed Amy's blog is now a web site:

Herb said...

Anonymous, when I load Contrada's blog from my favorites it loads like it always does, as but it also loads when you type in the address Dunno why.

Anonymous said...

i followed the link from Article8. They must be running it under both names.

To bring this back to the original topic, an Article8 "supporter" (she claims not to be a member) over in the Catholics for Romney site has this to say:

carol said...
We have to put up with the likes of you - who'll go as far as beating our kids to a pulp while they are in school, in the name of Mitt's idea of how he supports Catholics.

It's not clear exactly what she's responding to, but it appears their new tack is going to be smearing everyone who opposes them with this.

Foeke said...

Brian Carmenker is a sensationalist who apparantly has done research into this incident with the depth of a rowing boat. Do they seriously expect first-graders to beat someone up over marriage equality? Get off it.

Anonymous said...

Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada are idiots full of hate! They make judgements on things they don't have the capacity to understand. Why should it be surprising that they are lying and making things up to make their stories more believable. I made the mistake once of listening to their show. It's incredieble what they allow on radio and they sound so stupid and it's the same theme every week. They are obsessed with gay people! I actually feel sorry for their families and can't imagine that they have any friends. They will one day be judged and God help them!

Peace and Shalom