Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What a Difference A Year Makes

Article 8's latest email gloats over the fact that the turnout outside of Macy's on Sunday was small. Read on:

=== 2. Macy's update: Gay activists announced big anti-Macy's, anti-MassResistance demonstration for last Sunday - a dud, a pretty limp turnout! ===

As the Macy's incident continues to make news not only here but, we're told, now in Europe, the fun continues.

One of the interesting aspects of this is the complete fit that the homosexual community is having over it, which seems to us quite out of proportion to any rational reation. A major homosexual magazine, The Advocate, has called for a national boycott of Macy's because of YOUR show of force!Back here in Boston this past weekend someone emailed us some links about a big demonstration being announced on local gay blogs and websites. It was for Sunday late morning, right outside Macy's downstore store. Nine Boston area homosexual groups, including "", were listed as supporters and participants.

Of course they fail to mention that this was put together on Friday or Sat (that's 1 or 2 days before). They also talk about the gay community's "rational reaction" but I guess they forgot that they were irrationally comparing breast sizes of mannequins or that to them, even though the mannequins were removed "THAT IS NOT ENOUGH, WE MUST CONTINUE THE PRESSURE"

Apparently the pressure didn't work since Macy's did keep the Boston Pride Schedule up AND issued an apology so what show of force did Article 8 exert? Showing the people who covered the incident how obsessed they can get about breasts on a mannequin? Rational? YES!

In continuing their memory loss, they must also have forgotten about the Rally they were involved in last year for David Parker in Lexington or the one on the eve of same sex marriages (where again the turnout was truly pathetic). These rallies were planned for WEEKS (not days) and hardly anyone showed up, yet a counter rally in Lexington was HUGE.

All in all the Macy's turnout wasn't bad since commenters on this blog were talking about changing the focus the rally as late as Sat night. And as for "Shutting down Massresistance", we really don't want that because they ARE the face of anti-gay bigotry. Their emails and posts say it all (you gotta read the "rational" letter to Mayor Menino, it's a hoot!) Who else will compare breast sizes of mannequins or pictures in a children's book? The Mass "Family" Institute? I think not.

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