Thursday, June 8, 2006

The Fat Lady Hasn't Started Singing

The Macy's window has now put back up the website addresses for Boston Pride AND the Aids Action Committee. The web addresses are where the mannequins used to be and the mirror ball is still rotating. (It still looks fabulous even without the missing mannequins.) You can see a bit of the website's address from the picture, however, the light is shining over it.
Margery Eagan of the Boston Herald wrote an article about the Article 8 side of the mess which can be viewed here.


Marcie said...

How about we get to people to recreate the window in front of the window? Now that would draw publicity!

Anonymous said...

I got this back from Macy's customer service. Lame.

Macy's has a long-standing and respected history of support for diversity.
Our company philosophy is deeply rooted in diversity and inclusiveness. As
such, we support a variety of causes in the communities that we serve. Our
commitment and celebration of Gay Pride has been traditionally commemorated
in our window displays. Our annual support of Gay Pride Week in Boston and
in other cities where we operate clearly demonstrates our commitment to
diversity. Macy's commitment to diversity will continue to be an important
part of our company and community outreach as we celebrate Gay Pride
festivities this month and in the future.

Mark D. Snyder said...

WARNING: Any comments you post on this blog can apparently be used by BAY Windows as quotes in their articles. I'm not sure if there are journalistic standards around this but we should find out. Does this mean we have to be super careful with our spelling and grammar on blog comment posts now? Do we have to worry they will be printed in the newspaper? Let's think about this.

In response to their response: Then why not return the mannequins? Again, why were they removed and why are they offensive?

Thank god the web addresses are back. That was the most offensive thing to me - to remove Aids Action Committee's web site.

Mark D. Snyder said...

I'm sorry it was innews weekly that quoted me from the comments section of this blog - not bay windows.

Anonymous said...

I e-mailed, called everyone at Federated. I told them I will never shop at any of their stores again if this display it not restored in time of the parade.

Anonymous said...

Although the fat lady may not have started signing, she's definitely started whining.

Amy Contrada is busy defaming everyone who's reacted badly to this. And encouraging mail bombing Mayor Menino, of course. One would think they can dish it out, but can't take it.

With luck, this will be the end of Article8. Even my most conservative co-workers are talking about what bigoted clowns Amy and Brian are.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Brian on Channel 7 last night?

aj said...

I agree with Marcie: PERFORMANCE ART ON THE STREET!!!!!!!!

Mark D. Snyder said... is going to call on people to picket/do art in front of the macy's window. We are asking around to find out the best day and time.

Sometime Saturday, Sunday at noon or Monday after work/rush hour ???