Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bullying Should Never Happen to Anyone.

MassResistance, aka Article 8, issued a press release yesterday that David Parker's son was assaulted on by 1st graders. You can read the PR at The Reality Check where they have other stories such as:

However, The Lexington Minuteman is reporting the on the press release but it appears that no one in Lexington, other than the person involved had ever heard of this incident:

Superintendent of Schools Paul Ash said he had no knowledge of the alleged incident, but said he and Jay would be looking into the matter. Ash said if a student was aggressively assaulted on school property the event would "trigger a whole series of actions," from notifying parents, staff, the school psychologist and the Department of Social Services, to filing a report with the police. Ash said the schools would also conduct its own investigation into the incident.

According to the Lexington Police Department, no complaint has been filed and they are not currently involved with an investigation into the incident.

However, the Parker's attorney did speak for the Lexington article:

Neil Tassel, the Parkers' legal counsel, spoke for the Parker family saying they had hoped to keep the incident private. Due to the age of the students involved, they had opted not to go to the police.

"It was a regrettable incident ... but no one was seriously hurt," said Tassel, adding Jacob Parker was "shaken up" by the incident.

Still, MassResistance/Article 8's Camenker didn't keep it private and gets juicy with details by saying it was fueled and incited by adults among other things. So much was keeping the incident private.

Unfortunately, all children are subjected to bullying in school which is why State Sen. Jarret Barrios sponsored a bill to prevent bullying which MassResistance blasted him for in a posting which you can read here. As the title suggests, bullying shouldn't happen to anyone gay or straight.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like pure unadulterated and contrived BULLS**T. The child had no visible injury after being beaten by 8-10 other kids? Yah right. Nice try Camenker...but one of the 10 commandments is thou shall not lie.

Marcie said...

Once again we here about this 1 month AFTER the fact. It does sound like a lot of BullS**t.Another feeble attempt at Article 8 stretching to get headlines because if Article 8 hadn't put out the PR who would have known, the Parker's apparently didn't file a police report.

Herb said...

This sounds like another made up story like Amy's house "invasion".They can't get anywhere by telling the truth so they have to rely on made up crap.

Anonymous said...

These people do not let any pass when they have a chance to use something against gays. It is obvious another Amy fairy tale. They have no shame. Lowlifes.

Anonymous said...

Whether he was beaten by his class mates, or whether this is a hoax perpetrated by his "father," I feel bad for this kid either way. Because either way, he is being abused.

Someone needs to send DSS to Parker's house and see if he's a fit parent. I have my doubts after this.

Maybe a nice, gay foster family will take their kid in for a while, until the Parkers get therapy and parenting classes.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this makes no sense. A book with gay people in it comes to the house and the father goes to school to complain and refuses to leave. Yet, his kid gets "beat up" and he doesn't do anything not even call the police? Sounds fishy to me.

Did anyone else notice that the "quotes" by David Parker in Camenker's press release has him speaking in the third person, i.e.,

"We are aware that the school administration sent notices home with all the young children concerning the Parker arrest, the "King and King" incident and the federal lawsuit. In addition, the school administration prominently displays the front-page Minuteman biased headlines of such incidents in the elementary school library for the children to see, read, and discuss. We also know that activist lesbian mothers and vehement anti-David Parker parents are spewing hateful, inflaming rhetoric to their young children

TruthSince64 said...

You people have finally pushed the envelope to beating children in a schoolyard. This will turn the tide against gay marriage. The voters of Massachusetts will now see the insidiousness of the gay agenda and react accordingly. This story has now gone national and will demonstrate the power of Mr. Camenker and the thousands of people who support him. For you that have the audacity to call Mr. Camenker a liar, just wait until the truth comes out.

Anonymous said...

"Truth", How many times are you going to write "Oh, this turns the tide on gay marriage" you're beginning to sound like President Bush on Iraq. "Oh, this will be the turning point" Give me a break.

If you believe the crap that Camenker puts out you are a stupid person. Camenker landed in Massachusetts and immediately starting trying to change the law to suit his homophobia. He has big stories to tell which are often half truths if that. Obviously you've never had children because you can't make 7 year olds do anything their parent's tell them.

Truth Will Win Out.

Anonymous said...

I'm very saddened for David Parker's child.

And sickened more than ever before by Brian Camenker.

Note to Brian: Scream at me, call me sick and depraved. I'm an adult and have the emotional ability to deal with the situation, but drag a a child into your sick, twisted, hate-filled, crusade?!?! Come on.

Read the recap of the real events at the Lexington Cares site -

Anonymous said...

This sounds like Lexington, and the Massachusetts homosexual lobby, through and through. Believe it or not, the rest of the country isn't buying the gay indignation. I know firsthand that liberal hate is the most virulent, especially when it's protected in the state of Mass.

Anonymous said...

If you believe everything that Massresistance says in its press release than David Parker must be a very bad parent since he didn't bring his child to the hospital or report it to the police or pulled his child out of school.

If he thinks all these "terrible" things are going on at the school to his child why is he still going there?

Massresistance's story is all fabricated lies to get publicity. This is part of their "do something every day stategy". They want their followers to think that they are actually doing something so they will give them extra money. Hey MR needs to pay the mortgage and it appears that they don't file taxes.