Monday, September 19, 2005

Article Hate's Intimidation Tactics members continued their protests of the Tremont Baptist Church yesterday. They are protesting the actions taken by the church by allowing "Love Won Out" to hold a conference there on October 29th (Love Won Out is by Focus on the Family). This wasn't the first time the group has been outside the church protesting. However, it was the first time the group has been accosted by Article 8 (or Article Hate as QueerToday likes to call them.)'s protests usually include discussions with the Tremont Baptist Church members after they leave, however, Article 8 nixed that notion by standing in front of the protesters trying to intimidate them with cameras and video taping equipment.
One woman from Article Hate insisted that I must be attracted to women because so many men in our community want to be women. She also insisted that I was sexist if I was not attracted to women. After stating these two comments to me, she ran like a little school girl over to her leader Brian Camenker to tell him that she had won an argument with me. Earlier I overheard her telling Brian Camenker that it was obvious the homosexuals in schools were doing this - "just look how young they are!"
Interesting, these are the same people who accuse the gay community of intimidation. I can't wait to hear how Article 8 spins this one! Check out the pictures of the "hard core homosexual activists" on QueerToday's blog.


massmarrier said...

Well, the MR site is to laugh today. The threatening, intimidating protesters she claims were there are not in the pix. They look like the nice kids from church. Their signs, again to intimidate, are barely legible, at chest level or below and mild.

I feel like Abe Simpson..."This kids today!" When I was a hippy pinko we shouted and held our easy-to-read signs high. As Abe has said, "I've coughed up scarier things than that."

If anything, those protestors are shining a flashlight into the dark corners by being there. If it won't stand the light of day, don't do it, eh?

Mark D. Snyder said...

I think our signs were perfectly legible considering all but one were printed out in large print from a computer.

We didn't yell or shout because we are not protesting the church we are protesting the conference to be held at the church.

Trust us (queertoday) there will be thousands of people working together to shut down the love won out conference on october 29th.