Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Women Teachers? Or Corrupting Our Youth?

I figured that would get people to read this post. It's a take off of Massresistance's recent post about some men doing crystal meth and viagra, entitled "Celebrating Diversity? Or a Public Health Crisis?" of course she blames the the WHOLE gay community for "partying and playing" (I never knew what this meant, thanks Ms. Massresistance for explaining it to me). She does look over the fact that hepatitis-C is a heterosexual disease, but I'm using Ms. Massresistance's logic here, blame the whole group for the actions of a few.

Additionally, there has been numerous incidents about women teachers abusing their male students. It's usually called pedophilia however people don't seem to be using those terms. Using "Massresistance Logic" no women should be teachers because they abuse their students:

Using Massresistance logic, all the hierarchy of the Catholic Church (including the Pope) is guilty of putting children into the hands of pedophile priests:

Wait a minute, I guess that is true. Anyway, use your own "Massresistance Logic" to castigate a whole group by the actions of a few if its members.

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