Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sell Your Soul for Hatred

Some of the readers here have been forwarding me "updates" from Article 8 and Mass "Family" institute. The first thing the emails say is:

Help by Donating!

Please consider a tax deductible gift today to help MFI continue to work for the families of Massachusetts

Right off the bat they are looking for money. I didn't realize that MFI is a non-profit. If there are people out there in the know, please get me information on how we can find out who is supporting this anti-gay anti-family group since donations must be made public. I find it hard to believe that a group which discriminates so blatantly can be a non-profit.

Anyway, back to the email updates (from Article 8):

Playing hardball: Lexington, MA superintendent refuses to relent on order keeping parent David Parker off school property! Last week, David Parker's son's first grade class held "Back to School" night. Parents were invited to come to class, and the kids would show their parents their desks, their projects, their drawings.
And the parents would get to talk to the teacher and other parents and kids. It's always a cherished time.

But David Parker couldn't go. Even though his son asked him to come. The town of Lexington continues to impose a heinous "no-trespass" order against David Parker. Superintendent Paul Ash could lift this order in a minute. But he refuses to do so. Thus, if David Parker sets foot on any school property, he could be arrested. He can't attend any school functions, pick up his son, attend school committee meetings, or even vote on election day.

Parker represents absolutely no danger to anyone, and no one suggests he does. This is being done as an instrument of intimidation -- against Parker and anyone else who might want to do what he did. Last April 27, David Parker demanded that he be notified if any adult discussed homosexuality or transgenderism with his 6-year-old in the elementary school. The school's reaction was to handcuff and arrest him. And the local gay activists continue to attack him in the press and elsewhere. Parker is standing tall, but this is utterly outrageous. Lexington Supt. Paul Ash's refusal to even discuss lifting this ban represents the worst arrogance we can imagine.
Is this America any more?

Can you hear all the violins playing for Parker? As my mother used to say "You made your bed, now you have to lie in it" For the hundredth time, David Parker was arrested because he refused to leave the school grounds after school administrators and the police told him to leave. HE REFUSED. Why don't you, David Parker, explain to your child that you broke the law and you have to pay the price? And to answer Article 8's question: YES, this is America, where it says LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, not just you.

I have more to write but their ignorance and hatred just wears me out. This sounds like he's not any danger to anyone:

"Parents stand your ground! Don't return their hate and intolerance when fired upon, But if they mean to have a war over our parental rights, Battling for the hearts and minds of our children, Then let it begin here."
David Parker

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Anonymous said...

I would suggest going back to some old posts on the MassResistance blog and see how the description of David Parker's actions evolved. It is quite interesting to see how he is now considered a martyr that was arrested simply for standing up for his belief/rights. The earlier posts are a bit more honest in the depiction of the events. But, it just isn't that glamourous that he INSISTED on being arrested and INSISTED on being held overnight in jail. The school and the local authorities gave him numerous opportunities to leave and continue the discussion another day. He INSISTED on making this a media event and I would venture to say he is probably just a pawn of a much larger group outside of Massachusetts that planned this whole thing. Luckily, the Lexington school administration are following the law and wishes of the majority of parent and not just a few select homophobic bigots.