Sunday, September 25, 2005

Catch 22

Ms. Massresistance next attack is on a male couple (no wonder she is so concerned about a hate crimes law being passed, she verbally bashes more gays and lesbians everyday). The male couple in question put an ad in BayWindows looking for two women interested in co-parenting, 20 year commitment. No where in the ad does it mentions polygamy or group marriage, yet does that stop Ms. Massresistance from linking the two, I don't think so.

Now stop and THINK for a moment. Here is a same sex couple, two men, who can legally adopt (or conceive with a female donor) and raise children. Massresistance, Article 8, Mass "Family" Institute, et al, are always talking about a child needs a mother AND a father, he/she needs male AND female influence on a child, blah blah blah. So here is this male couple, also seeking to have a female influence on their child's life and Massresistance still complains. It's obvious that nothing can satisfy her (except to wipe out all gay people).

When I grew up I had my Mom and Dad and an aunt and uncle who lived upstairs from us (I was probably up my Aunt's house just as much as I was in my own). I have a friend who lived with his grandmother upstairs from his parents in the same house. These were typical situations growing up, however, nowadays people are living further from their families. Friends and neighbors are becoming like "upstairs" families were years ago. Actually, what this male couple is doing is really nothing new except trying to give their child everything which the hate groups claim a child needs.

Do we fault sterile opposite sex couples from advertising for a female donor egg who ends up with no responsibility once the child is born? No, we call it a blessing that God has given us this talent to make childless couples parents.

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massmarrier said...

I'm a Baby Boomer who was raised by a mother. In fairness, her father, six great-uncles and a few others made sure I had male role models, but it was a one-parent home.

I remain to be convinced that the ideal of a mom and a dad is best. I saw and see far too many dysfunctional families with one or more alcoholic, emotionally cold or abusive parents. Many of my childhood chums said they would trade their parents for my rational, bright, funny and kind mom, in a flash.

Using the it's-only-common-sense description of the stereotypical family means you don't think about, can't prove, and haven't researched the issue. Sure, two great parents is a fine ideal. What most of us end up with are two fallible people, and some are better parents than others.

From when I first heard that two men or two women can't bring up a kid well, I remember hearing how kids in divorced families didn't have a chance. Eyewash, as my Granny used to say!