Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mass "Family" Institute Lies Again

Well, well, well, should we be surprised? I think not. Over at they have an interesting piece on how workers are being paid $1.00 a signature for people to sign the anti-gay marriage petition that Mass "Family" is promoting. In addition, they are giving people misinformation concerning the petition:

(1)The "people's petition" process in Massachusetts is being undermined by "buck a signature" out-of-state petition circulators all the while petition spokespersons like Kris Mineau continue to spout rhetoric about the process being an expression of "the people's" voice. So cut the bull Kris and tell the good people of Massachusetts who is really behind this Ballot Initiative. I wonder, is this where all the "faith based initiative" money is going?

(2) Signature gatherers clearly feel entitled to say whatever they want to get people to sign even if it is incorrect. So we not only have to worry about The Catholic Church telling people that same-sex marriage is ending civilization but we now have to worry about a "puppy-dog eyed" signature gatherer claiming that the signer is "helping him out financially" and that signing "doesn't really mean anything."

We should be not surprised that these "people" at Mass "Family" will try anything to get their hateful amendment on the ballot. I just wonder if it does get on the ballot and loses how else will they attack us? There will be a federal lawsuit if the amendment does pass since it will go against the "Full Faith and Credit" clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Talk about creating chaos. This amendment will create a separate class of people since some same sex couples are allowed to be married and other will not. Although I suspect Mass "Family" will argue that no same sex couples should be married and try through court order to dissolve the same sex marriages that will have occurred between 2004 and 2008.

So if you think this amendment is just about future marriages, you're wrong.


Anonymous said...

"Marriage" is a man and women only.
There is no discussion.
Other ralationships are just that.

Anonymous said...

That is incorrect. In Massachusetts, Canadian, Spain and the Netherlands marriage is between two people. I am married in Massachusetts and even under this hateful amendment, I will still be married under Massachusetts law forever. Even when I die I will have been the husband of one man. NOTHING can change that. I was married and am married. You are wrong.

Anonymous said...

The definition of marriage has evolved throughout history. Once again, it has changed to reflect the times. Same-sex relationships have always existed. Now we are just more open about it and we will take nothing less than what we deserve--equality and respect. We are not going away and we will fight to maintain our rights. Marriage is no longer defined as between a man and woman only.

If marriage had not evolved into what it is today, you would have no choice in who you married. Your parents could tell you are marrying your 14 yr. old cousin (as long as she was the same race), whether you liked it or not. Luckily, two consenting adults now have the choice of who they want to marry and it really isn't anyone's business but their own.

Please bear in mind, we are talking about civil marriage, which had nothing to do with religious beliefs.