Friday, September 9, 2005

Yawn, Massresistance Is Getting Increasingly Boring

Todays post Ms. M is talking about "safe zones" and she calls it the "latest" thing. However, I wrote about this on August 11th after Article 8 had talked about it then and it was still old news. I mean please people don't you have anything new to attack us with? Come on Ms. Massresistance (or are you calling yourself Mr. today because we would accept you as you are you know!) you did say "Bay Windows, our favorite Thursday read". You must have something new that's making you drool.

Although I shouldn't goof on her for repeating Article 8 posts because I suspect that Ms. Massresistance is also the writer for the Article 8 website. I think its only her and Camenker that make up Article 8 and he's typically off doing PR for David Parker in Maine or some other state that wants to discriminate against GLBT folks so she has to stay back and write the dribble. She did add one interesting facet to her rather mundane post
The very term "safe zone" implies to the student that there's something available at school that he doesn't have at home, at a relative's, at a friend's, or at his church: a "safe" place where he can "just be himself."
Can you imagine, for a moment, being the gay child of Ms. Massresistance? He/she would most definitely need a safe zone somewhere and a good psychologist. Don't laugh, it is possible, God does have a sense of humor, just ask Phyllis Schlafly, Allan Keyes or Dick Cheney. They all have gay and lesbian offspring. Is it in the genes or just bad parenting, you decide.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the late California state senator (and author of the anti-marriage Proposition 22) William J. "Pete" Knight: the senator was a prominent public homophobe, but his son and brother are both gay.

Gee, I'm becoming a constant commenter here. Hope you don't mind, Bud.

Boston Bud said...

No, please comment. Thanks for your comments too! One of the problems with Massresistance (besides her inane logic)is that she puts this outrageous stuff on her site and doesn't allow people to comment or contact her about it. I welcome all comments whether someone agrees with me or not, I believe dialogue is very important. The only think I ask is that people stick to the topic of the post. A few weeks ago someone was just posting stories about sex with animals (was it Sen. Santorum?) and I do not believe I mentioned animals in any of my posts.

Anonymous said...

I don't think ther are more than 20 people in Massachusetts believe anything that Camenker and Contrada post on their sites. The "main stream" homophobes like Mineau never mention Camenker or Contrada on their websites. I think they are an embarrasement to these people. The mainstream press never seem to show up at their events even when they try to hype it. Many hetersexuals like myself visit the Article 8 and Massresistance websites for a good laugh. I found Massresistance after a doctor who comes into the breakfast joint where I have coffee in the morning told everyone about something Contrada had posted on her website and what a fruitcake she is. The reason he brought up the subject was the discussion of the morning was on internet blogs and how people print lies and half truths that many readers take to be news. He had come up with MassResistance as an example.