Monday, September 19, 2005

How About A Bill For Parents Who Are Bullies?

Ms. Massresistance is onto attacking openly gay legislators, now which shouldn't be a surprise. In yesterday's post she attacks State Sen. Jarrett Barrios for getting behind an anti-bullying bill (Good heavens! HE ACTUALLY WANTS TO STOP BULLYING?! He must be a radical homosexual!) She couches it as: "She was bullied and she got over it so we shouldn't actually make bullies stop".

Message to Ms. Massresistance: if you're still talking about it, you haven't quite got over it. Additionally, I don't think the parents of the kids in your school were picketing or refusing to leave because you wore hand me downs or because your parents were poor.

A "friend" to Massresistance alerted her to the whole "agenda" This "friend" says:
Just look at who is pushing it. The final bill will surely mention something about sexual orientation and gender identity.
Of course, I mean every bill Sen. Barrios has signed onto has sexual orientation in it. His bill to ban .50 caliber "cop killer" guns had gay written all over it, likewise his call for stricter drunk driving penalties. OOH, he's so GAY.

In reality, Sen. Barrios filed the bill LAST YEAR after meeting with Everett students. There was a stronger push after the slaying of Kelly Proctor of Ayer, allegedly by brothers described as high-school bullies. But I guess Ms. Massresistance doesn't see past the fact that Sen. Barrios is gay and in a happy marriage with two children.


Anonymous said...

You know you guys are beating up a straw man when you talk about 'hate speech'. A moral objection to a completely controllable human behaviour is not a hate crime. What's next, Thought Crime?

BTW how do you feel about the situation in Canada where veriphobes er I mean gay rights activists have made it so that it's more important not to have their feelings hurt about their sexual depravity than to allow others the basic freedom of speech? Whatever happened to people like Voltaire who said "I completely disagree with what you are saying but support to the death the right for you to say it?" I guess the gay lobby doesn't feel the same.

Anonymous said...

That's BS. There used to be "moral objections" to interracial marriages and segragation. "Christians" also used the argument that slavery was ok because it was ok in the Bible. There are your morals. The same morals that stopped the Catholic Church from getting involved in helping Jews in Germany.

I respect your right to have moral objections, however, DO NOT put YOUR morals in my laws.

Funny, you have the ability to comment here yet you can't comment on the hateful stuff posted over on Massresistance.

Anonymous said...

"I respect your right to have moral objections, however, DO NOT put YOUR morals in my laws."

And the same to you.

Anonymous said...

Being gay is not a controllable human behaviour. It is just the same as having blue eyes, you are born with it. I love how the religous right keeps asserting that we have a choice in being gay. Who the hell would choose to be gay? But, that is the way I was born and I am proud of who I am. Now, should it be a crime to voice your opinions on the matter? Of course, I think it shouldn't be a crime. But, there is a level of responsibility you need to assume if you are going to talk negatively about a group of people. There are many hate crimes in this country that are spurred from hate speech.

Anonymous said...

How many is "many?" And could you please list some...

Anonymous said...

Matthew Shepard
Brandon Teena
Danny Overstreet
JR Warren
PFC Barry Winchell
Billy Jack Gaither
Bill Clayton
Tyra Hunter

Just to name a few, unfortunately, the list grows.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Well, the majority of people who disagree with homosexual behavior(that's right, behavior, not existence) do it out of a moral conviction, not hatred, so you can keep your strawman arguements.

BTW, you've obviously never visited

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't call it a behavior. Being gay is not a choice. Just because a few individuals reject their homosexuality by a joining group of brainwashing self-destructive homophobes, doesn't mean it is a behavior.

How can you refute the AMA's position on reparative therapy?

They oppose, the use of "reparative" or "conversion" therapy that is based upon the assumption that homosexuality per se is a mental disorder or based upon the a priori assumption that the patient should change his/her homosexual orientation.

Anonymous said...

Or how about these programs that are finally starting to be shut down?

Anonymous said...

Well, the majority of people who disagree with homosexual behavior(that's right, behavior, not existence)

Oh, so it's OK to EXIST, just stop the "behavior"? Or did I misunderstand?

Moral conviction, you say? As in a selective reading of certain chapters of the New Testament to salve your perverse fixation on gay sexual practices.

I presume that you also have a moral conviction against the eating of lobster? For it, too, is an abomination. . .