Thursday, September 8, 2005

What A Difference A Day Makes

Well, a few days ago the California legislature sent a same sex marriage bill to the Governor and more Mass Senators dropped their support for the proposed same sex marriage ban amendment. Today the Gov of California has said he will veto the bill and Attorney General Reilly has approved another anti-gay amendment to the Consitution.

Schwarzenegger's spokeswoman, Margita Thompson, has indicated that the governor believes the courts or the electorate should determine the state's marriage
Do you believe these people? What happened to activist judges? Excuse me Gov, do you think interracial couples would have wanted the electorate to vote on their marriages? People in Nebraska and Kansas are ok with a 22 year old marrying a 14 year old and you want the people to decide? You have the chance to actually lead in this instance and you are dropping the ball. You are terminating a civil rights bill. Shame on you.

As for this new amendment that Reilly certified, I am surprised the Catholic Church, who is supposed to be "honest", is backing it. As Ms. Massresistance put it: This unclean amendment would both ban and certify same sex marriages.

So the Catholic Church is fine with my marriage, they just believe that future same sex marriages are bad, does this make sense to you? If the Catholic Church believes that all same sex marriages are wrong why are they sanctioning some of them, you gotta be either for it or against it, none of this "Well, gay marriages after 2008 are wrong" stuff. This just reeks of prejudice. Mass "Family" Institute is going to make a lot of money off of this one.


Anonymous said...

I guess Schwarzenegger doesn't want to work in the movie biz anymore. Who will hire him?

Anonymous said...

At first I thought he was a coward. But, now after reading about how the conservatives are praising him and ensuring him a relection, I changed my mind. He just played to the highest bidder and unfortunately the conservatives have a lot more $$$.

Anonymous said...

But here's the kicker - even massreistence knows that the new version of the discrimination ammendement doesn't stand a chance - it's unconstitional. We've won - they know it. Let them piss their pants at night thinking homophobic thoughts all they want - it's their bed of shame to sleep in, not ours. We won.