Saturday, September 17, 2005

Thank You Ms. Massresistance!

I don't think I have ever thanked Ms. Massresistance for anything. However, yesterday she did a wonderful service for the community. She listed all the events going on around New England for the GLBT community. Thanks to her we know:
  • (today) Saturday, Sept. 17 it's the 6th annual "Out on the Farm" day at The Big E fair in West Springfield. "Be seen, Wear red!"
  • (tomorrow) Sunday, Sept. 18 it's the 9th annual "Out in the Park" day at Six Flags New England amusement park. "Be seen, Wear red!"
  • October 8, King Richard's Faire in Carver will host "Out in the Court" to coincide with "national coming-out day" on October 11. "Be seen, Wear purple!" There will be a special feature: the "Men in Tights" contest. Don't miss it!

Now I haven't gone to any of these things since I was in college. It all sounds like such a great time, attending events where you have people that are actually friendly to EVERYONE.

I AM curious as to how Ms. Massresistance finds out that these things are happening because I have found myself just out of the loop! Had I know about Big E day I would have prepared and gone with my family instead of going to Home Depot to learn how to refinish my kitchen cabinets! The things you learn on blogs! The only thing I would ask Ms. Massresistance to do is give us more advance notice. Two weeks would be great!


Anonymous said...

She even provides a link for discount tickets! Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

And her link to an article about sex with animals?! What newslist is she on? She provides us with the most bizarre sex stuff outthere, and to think, she is really up on all that. Well, her and Sen. Santorum.