Monday, September 12, 2005

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Ms. Massresistance's post yesterday included this interesting tidbit: "we are disgusted to see the intimidation tactics queer activists are using against the original signers of the petition" This is of course in reference to the Know Thy Neighbor website which is posting the names and addresses of everyone who signs the anti-gay amendment that Mass "Family" Institute wrote.

Is it brain damage or just stupidity since Massresistance has used the same tactics:
  • Massresistance and Article 8 posted Rep. Robert DeLeo's home telephone number to intimidate him:
DEMAND that he not put children in the hands of homosexual activists with public money. Let him know you are ANGRY at what he’s done. DEMAND that he keep budget item 4590-0250 from being overridden.
  • Posted Dan Kennedy's private email because he was the author of a "hateful rant against Article 8 and Massresistance."
  • Posted Mass Marrier and my email address so that her readers could send us emails asking sex-obsessed questions about a billboard in Cambridge.

These are some of the many ways Massresistance and Article 8 uses intimidation to try and scare us from standing up for ourselves. However, it doesn't work.

I'm all for publishing the names of bigots who want to turn back the Mass. SJC's decision. Unlike like Ms. Massresistance, they should not be anonymous and should take responsibility for their actions.


Anonymous said...

Right on!

Anonymous said...

3 Problems with this one:

1. Rep. Robert DeLeo is a public servant. If he doesn't like sacrificing some time to talk to the people he represents, he should quit. Lobbyists call Reps' houses all the time.

2. Doesn't sound too private; I mean what else would it be? It is very common for the e-mail of a person who has his own website to be his first name @ the website. Moreover, he is a well-known (or should I say notorious) columnist. He'd better expect his readers to give him feedback -- or can he dish it out, but not take it?

3. We're still waiting to know.... Is it standing doggy, or what? (Hey, do you really think we'd be asking if it hadn't been put right on Mass. Ave for all to see in the first place? But if it's going to be put in view of the public, people will want to know if there are any hidden messages laced with it.)

Anonymous said...

Whoever posted comment #2 is definitely drinking the "Kool-aid". I have never heard of calling on an elected representative's home phone number. He may have been elected but his family was not and it was particularly nasty to post his home telephone number.

Article 8 and Massresistance are just mean spirited ignorant people. They are consistently obessesed with gay sex (are they not getting enough?) or suspect their children might be gay and feel guilty.

I could answer that stupid woman's question concerning the billboard. No, they were not having sex they are in love. They are expressing that love in an embrace AND they are citizens of the USA. They have rights that you people are trying to take away but it won't happen because are here, we will always be here and you need to get used to it or move.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the FACT that anyone's name who signs the hateful petition becomes public knowledge.

Anonymous said...

If you sign on to a hate petition, you must live up to the consequences that come along with it. Sorry, that is the way it has always been. Did they really think they would be anonymous?

Would it make sense to work on stopping gay bashing instead stopping gay marriage? I consider this citizen's petition a form of gay bashing.

Why bother with Article 8's posts? They base all their claims on their religious beliefs and their own paranoia. We are talking civil rights here and nothing else. I personally believe that anyone that follows an organized religion at this point in time is kind of like believing in Santa. But, that is just my point of view. Thank goodness that we live in the USA where you we have separation of church and state. I am glad to see our legislators here are starting to feel the same way. MFI may have some respect at the State House, but Article 8 group is a laughing stock. No one takes them seriously anymore…

Anonymous said...

I read the MassResistance Blog this morning and was aghast at the twisted logic used by Miss C to arrive at her conclusions. One of her points is that gay marriage must be stopped to protect the children. Gay couples will continue to have children whether or not there is gay marriage. She purports to be protecting children but at the same time would take the benefits of having “legal” parents from the children of gay couples. She would put road blocks everywhere she can to prevent the parents of these children from having stable families. And this would not affect the children of gay couples? Contrada is a small person who would hurt children just because of her hatred for their parents. The more I read her blog the more I realize what a rotten person she is. I have a feeling that there is a room with her name on it waiting in Hell. It's right next to the one marked "Camenker"

massmarrier said...

Maybe it's because I'm an alter kaker, but I remember how similar the arguments were (and still are in some states) about gay couples adopting kids. Those wretched anti-gay sorts would rather have children who could benefit from loving parents sit in an orphanage or get shuttled from one questionable foster family to another.

Once it turned out thousands of times over that having two or even one nurturing parent was vastly superior to none or to a dysfunctional straight, married couple, they didn't admit it or pay attention. The horrid history of traditional families abusing their children gives the lie to the arugments.

The kids should not suffer to keep the illusions of the hateful alive. Not like I have an opinion or anything...

Anonymous said...

Is it standing doggy, or what?

Now, now, Ms. Massresistance, surely you recognize that it's more than a little gauche to be posting comments on a blog entitled "[Yourself] Watch." Especially when you don't allow any comments on your own blog.

As for your inability to see one man embracing another without declaring it gay porn--goodness, do you have a dirty mind. Some of us are capable of seeing someone hug his beloved without immediately imagining what they do in bed, but I guess you have trouble in that area.

As you conjur up weird fantasies of hot sex you claim to abhor, it sure appears that you're the pitiable pervert, Ms. "is it standing doggy." The millions and millions of innocent gay people aren't, and neither are we heterosexuals who know beautiful and valuable love--including gay love--when we see it.

Anonymous said...

These people are such cowards. I'm proud to be open in my support for Marriage Equality; why are they not proud to be out in their support for bigotry? We need to help the homophobes come out of their dark closet and into the light.

Anonymous said...

I'll be organizing the petition drive at our church so you'll see my name and address then. Why do you folks hate the democratic process so much? If it's such an awful idea, won't everyone agree with you and it'll get shot down?

Gee, you almost sound facist...

Anonymous said...

We don't hate the democratic process in fact we love our system of government which is a Republic. We elect people to make the laws for us. As you can see we have a resounding victory today. Marriage Equality won! Civil Rights should never be up for vote. Do you believe that interracial marriage would still be ok if it was put to a vote?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bud, the link to KnowThyNeighbor is broken. It sends us to rather than the correct URL, .

Feel free to delete this comment once you've fixed the link.

Anonymous said...

re: "I'll be organizing the petition drive at our church so you'll see my name and address then."

Good for you. You must be so proud of yourself-organizing a hate petition at your church. What a great christian you are. Jesus would be so proud. We are not worried that the public will vote in our favor or not. We are just pissed off that it isn't your business and you should stay out of lives. Plus, it is going to cost our community a lot of time and money fighting your ridiculous petition.

By the way, great showing yesterday. Five protesters outside the statehouse and only a few dozen more inside. LOL, it was quite pathetic. Guess it is hard to muster up support when you don't bus in religous freaks from other states. Get over it, we are going to continue to get married whether you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

"By the way, great showing yesterday. Five protesters outside the statehouse and only a few dozen more inside."

We're not going to waste our time at the State House...too busy getting ready for the petition drive.

Don't worry. If there's so few of us, we won't get enough signatures, eh?

Anonymous said...

I doubt you will even be able to muster up 6000 certified signatures. Are you ready to have your name and address posted for all to see on I can't wait to see where the homophobes and anti-family freaks live in my neighborhood.

LOL...too busy getting ready for the petition drive? You know just as well as we do, you just don't have the support for anyone to show up at anymore. Couldn't afford to hire the same immigrant workers this time around to hold signs? The press yesterday was laughing and joking about how there really is only a handful of the same people who show up and how they love to interview you just for the kick of it.

You better play above board this time. We are watching REAL CLOSE to make sure there is no fraud this time around. What will you do to trick people into signing this petition?

Face it, you just don't have the support.

Anonymous said...

More intimidation and threats...I'm running scared...not!

Anonymous said...

There is no reason that we need to resort to your tactics. We simply have the majority of support and it is the morally correct thing to do. Civil marriage is no longer a special benefit to heterosexuals. Thank God!

But, you still are the laughing stock of Beacon Hill.