Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pictures of Hate Part 1

Here are some pictures of the Article 8 people. Brian Camenker wasn't there when I first arrived (these pictures were taken at about noonish) howeve he did show his mug in the Statehouse at about 1:00PM. In the words of Article 8:

2 Handed Hate

There was all of 5 people there from the joke that is Article 8. They still think that the House is going to vote on a bill to remove the 4 Justices, lol! It's the best joke going around Beacon Hill.


Anonymous said...

which one is amy please tell us where is amy contrada!!!!!!!!

Boston Bud said...

In fairness to the people in the photos, we do not know if Ms. Massresistance even attended the constitutional convention since she doesn't even agree with the Vote On Marriage people (the people praying in the circle).

For all we know she could have been standing around among us cheering the Marriage Equality Legislators on, in cognito, but I doubt it, since from reading her posts I'm assuming she would not even want to be next to us. But I could be wrong.

Be sure to check out Article 8's coverage of the convention. They are very complimentary to the Marriage Equality side.