Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sobering Statement from the Former Boston Mayor?

Former Mayor of Boston and Ambassador to the Vatican Ray Flynn is one of the supporters of the "new" anti-gay marriage amendment that AG Reilly recently certified.

Former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, a gay marriage opponent, said the new proposal is superior because it enshrines marriage between a man and a woman, which he said is best for children. But he added the measure would ensure rights for non-married couples, such as inheritance or hospital visitation rights. It's worth the wait to vote on it, he said.

Excuse me, Ambassador, under this new amendment same sex couples already married will continue to be married so your anti-gay amendment only enshrines bigotry. Additionally, you say it's "best for the children", what about the children with same sex parents and what study are you referencing since there are no studies which support this statement?

Mr. Ambassador, what are you talking about when you say "the measure would ensure rights for unmarried couples"? What measure? The new amendment to the constitution? The wording of the amendment, written by the Mass "Family" institute which you signed your name to says:

When recognizing marriages entered into after the adoption of this amendment by the people, the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions shall define marriage only as the union of one man and one woman.
Do you see anything about unmarried couples in the above language? It says NOTHING about unmarried couples, NOTHING! so what is he talking about?
"I'd rather get it right than discriminate or hurt anybody," he said. "I think that it strikes that fair balance."
What "fair balance" is he talking about? Oh, I know, he must be referring to the same fair balance that Fox News uses as their slogan, and we all know how fair and balanced they are. I guess it's part of the anti-gay bigotry campaign which Flynn is heading up.

Flynn is such an upstanding citizen, you can read more about his moral escapades here:
A controversial front-page story says the former mayor has a drinking problem, that he was a failure at the Vatican. Flynn says it was a cheap shot, driven by class bias. The more interesting question: What took the Globe so long?

Update: Here's a new article I found about Flynn and his support for Cardinal Law:

Cardinal Law wins support from former Boston mayor


massmarrier said...

What happened to Raybo? He seemed like such a populist mayor, in such clear contrast to Kevin White. Flynn was always arrogant, refusing to show any respect for his former City Council buddies, but he pushed some good causes.

Now he seems to be letting his anti-gay feelings rule his life.

Depressing, but thanks for the coverage and links. If you find out what happened to him in Italy, let us know.

Anonymous said...

Maybe more Massachusetts 'Catholic' politicians should go to Rome for a bit...

Anonymous said...

Yeah and get drunk and forget where they live and have to have our troops bail them out. Ray Flynn is a big joke, no one takes him seriously anymore except for the lemmings who still don't think Cardinal Law did anything wrong. I suggest he take his wiskey and hide in an Alley. He has as much credibility as another Ambassador, Alan Keyes. Word has it that the Clinton Administration was shocked when they realized how stupid Flynn really was. They figured a mayor of a big New England City would have some brains, they just didn't realize that he sat on them.

Anonymous said...

from the CNN article...
""I believe it is in the best interest of the Catholic Church for Cardinal Law to stay, implement a no-tolerance policy, so, what happened here with these pedophile priests, will never ever ever happen again," Flynn said Thursday night. "

Flynn was wrong! This is not a pedophile problem. According to the John Jay report (on the USCCB website), 80% of these cases of abuse were homosexual in nature, i.e. priests abused pre-teen and teenage boys.