Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Parker's Non Rally

Last night was the "Rally" for David Parker, the man who was arrested for refusing to leave a Lexington Elementary School after school officials and police told him to go. This "grassroots" rally was initially advertised by the Mass "Family" Institute listing a Carlisle resident as the contact person (I guess there is no one else in Lexington who shares Parker's homophobic viewpoint and willing to be a contact for rally). Article 8 and Massnews informed their readers of the rally although they listed controversial Article 8 head, Brian Camenker, as the contact person (David Parker just can't seem to separate himself from Article 8 even though he says he is.)

About 50 people showed up for the rally which ended before it's 7 PM deadline. Across the street from the Green about 350 people gathered in silence protest. One reader said:
Across the street from the Green, there were about 350 people standing in support of the schools, all the children that go to them, and all of the families these children come from. There was quite a representation including parents of all ages, grandparents, students (especially the high schoolers!), clergy, and elected officials. Some people just happened to be in the center, previously unaware of what was going on, and joined in, grabbing a sign and lining up on the sidewalk.
Can't wait to see how Article 8 spins this one. Check here for pictures.

Addition: Apparently, whoever was putting on this rally (was it Article 8? Massresistance? MFI?) littered cars at nearby houses of worship in Lexington and Arlington and various parking lots including a nearby ice skating rink AND still could not get a very good showing.

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Anonymous said...

Their spin has started. I guess they know they were out numbered and now they want to once again portray Parker as a victim. One quote has a "witness" saying about the counter protesters, "You could see the hate in their eyes"

I wonder if they were looking into the mirror?