Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No Thank You, I'm Already Married!

While hundreds of same sex marriage supporters were rallying on the State House yesterday for the defeat of the proposed anti-gay constitutional amendment, a few anti-gay leaders held a press conference to announce a new "bill". It seems that the anti-gay legislators want to introduce legislation which would provide hospital visitation and other rights to gay couples that would be offered even if the state enacts a proposed ban on same-sex marriage.

[Homophobic Representative] Phil Travis said the reciprocal benefits bill is meant to respond to supporters of same-sex marriage, who contend that a ban on marriage would take away rights from gay couples. ''All the things that the other side has complained about will be taken away and will be covered by legislative action," Travis said.
Oh, NOW they want to give gay couples some protections. Do you think they are concerned about looking hateful and coming off as trying to taking away people's rights? My question is: "of the hundreds of rights which couples who marry get, which ones do they not want us to get and why?"

Although I'm still trying to get over their action plan from last year. All we heard about was the chaos that was going to ensue once same sex couples get married. "It will be a disaster, blah blah blah" Now they have come up with this "new" amendment. If it passes there were be married opposite sex couples, married same sex couples (as long as they marry before 2008) and same sex couples who are not allowed to get married but can receive certain benefits that Rep. Phil Travis and Governor Romney have hand picked them to have.

Does this sound confusing to you? Think about the different classes of people this amendment makes. You want to talk about chaos! Business who offered domestic partnership benefits then ended them because of same sex marriage will not have to decide whether to offer them again under this new configuration. This whole mess concocted by the Mass "Family" Institute is frightening. Just say NO, and don't sign the petition.

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