Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust

Gee, what is happening to the gay haters in Massachusetts. This past week, Rep. O'Flaherty said he would not support the anti-gay marriage amendment and now Rep. Phil Travis is leaving the legislature:
The most vocal critic of gay marriage in the state Legislature will not seek re-election next year, according to a published report.
Of course, MassNews is once again claiming the Globe has a bias because they didn't mention that poor pathetic Rep. Emile Gougen from Fitchburg (thanks Michael):
Note: "The most vocal critic of gay marriage" ... The Boston Globe bestows this title on Rep. Travis, and never utters Rep. Emile Goguen's name because he's sponsoring the Resolution to Remove Margaret Marshall. We do appreciate Rep. Travis, but the Globe is clearly slanting this announcement to dishearten pro-traditional marriage advocates.
And Sally Pawlick thinks less than 20% of the legislature is for marriage equality. Sally, the last amendment to the constitution voted on this past year and defeated overwhelmingly would have still lost if even if all the "traditional marriage" advocates voted for it. That's called a MAJORITY.


Anonymous said...


I love MassNews it is the first site I check every morning.

I don't think Sally and Ed are as hateful as Brian and Amy. But there site is a laugh.

Last week they announced they were winning and listed a long list of people who helped them win. I don't know who is keeping score for their side but they should take their pencils away.

For a guy who ran a newspaper for many years Ed has no idea how to buy media and write broadcast copy.

But I love to see them waste thier money..

I think Ed has gone off the tracks a bit Everything that happens is a conspiracy by Pinch Salsberg and the Giant NY Times media empire.

Mjant45 / Mike said...

Funny, Massnews is my first lookup every morning as well. Guaranteed to provide the first howl of the day. They have stopped their "countdown" to the day the 4 judges are gone, and now with the formal legislative session over, it looks like their dream vote on Ms. Gougen's Bill of Address, voted adversely out of Judiciary Committee, ain't gonna happen. It would be even funnier if it wasn't so sad. I think they actually believe their own drivel!

Michael said...

Emile Goguen is from Fitchburg, not Framingham :( I only know becaue hes my rep

Anonymous said...

I told a bunch of the "regulars" at the local breakfast joint about MassNews and it is now a fairly popular stop. It was surprising how many of them thought that MassNews was a "put on". You're right I think Pawlick has lost one of his oars.