Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cuckoo Cuckoo for MassNews

I've been thinking lately of changing the name of this blog to MassWatch since Massresistance is just getting too repetitive, plus I hate leaving out Article 8 (Article 8 Watch?). However, there are still two other groups in Massachusetts that deserve more attention, the Mass "Family" Institute and the ever hysterical Massnews.

I have to admit that MassNews has gotten me hooked once again. It was through Massnews that I first started reading about Article 8 (that was in the days when Amy Contrada was writing for Massnews). If you missed it, Bay Windows "outted" Ms. Massresistance:

"Amy from Article 8" is a pseudonym used by Amy Contrada. Contrada gave her full name when she testified at last week's legislative hearing on two bills that would forbid students to hear any discussion of LGBT issues at school unless their parents had signed a special permission slip. (Contrada told the legislative committee that gay-straight alliances were directing their members to the Boston Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth, which was in turn directing students to a Web site with information on sexual reassignment surgery, for the express purpose of encouraging boys to have the surgery.) I saw Contrada at the hearing and listened to her testimony. I saw her again at the Love Won Out ex-gay conference Oct. 29, during which she snapped photos of demonstrators and argued with police officers. "Amy from Article 8" recounted this same incident on the air, and it was clearly Contrada's voice.
But I digress, the outrageousness of MassNews articles are priceless. Oh yes, J. Edward Pawlick is still pushing his books about the New York Times and Margaret Marshall (did you know he started Lawyer's Weekly? That's a joke, he says it in about every article that includes his name) They had hired a new editor to replace Pawlick who was supposedly "touring" the country promoting his book but apparently he's back and he's back with avengence!

The reason I think he's back is because the stories are once again larger than life. Even though they are like Massresistance (repeating the same stories over and over again) there is much more unintended humor in them. It has none of the hatred clearly evident in Article 8's or Massresistance's postings, the stories are just laugh out loud fun with a bit of the tragically sad realization that some over at MassNews has seriously lost their mind. Such an example:

There has been persistent talk across the state that three of the top news managers at the Boston Globe are gay activists.

Not wanting to deal in rumors, but being aware of the fact that the Globe has been the main enemy of the Protection of Marriage Amendment, MassNews decided to ask the managers themselves.

Is this great stuff or what? I must say I get a big kick out of the loads of money they are spending on radio ads (It seems that Article 8 could really use the money too since they are delinquent in their rent AND phone bills) but apparently money means nothing to the Pawlick's since they state that they spent over $100,000 in 2002 to collect signatures to get the marriage amendment on the ballot (it didn't work). Who can forget these beauties:

All I can say is I want what he's taking!


Anonymous said...

Here's Amy's MassNews bio. Funny it doesn't list rabid homophobe.

Amy Contrada is a wife and mother of two who
received her B.A. in history from Tufts University summa
cum laude. She is a violinist and violinmaker who studied
as a violin performance major at Oberlin College
Conservatory of Music for two years and received a diploma
in violin making from the North Bennet Street School,
Boston. She has an M.A.T. in social studies from Brown
University. She was a history teacher at Newton South
High School in 1978-79.

Anonymous said...

Contrada has a B.A.? I find that hard to believe.

But Edward Pawlick is a fine man. He's just a nutcase, that's all.

Anonymous said...

She may have lied about that. Truth is not something she holds in high regard.

Anonymous said...

Nah, she's probably telling the truth about that. On the Oberlin Website is lists her name as graduating in 1972 and her madien name is Mann, hence the AMann who posts on Massresistance.

Anonymous said...
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Boston Bud said...

To the above poster. I already said that I will not allow people's home telephone number or addresses to be listed on this blog. I will not be a party to disrupting someone's family life. While Amy deserves to hear your comments her family who has not put themselves in the public light does not. You can contact her through her blog.

Anonymous said...

A couple days ago, The Boston Metro newspaper ran an article on the best places for heterosexuals to engage in "Public Displays of Affection."


It's okay if people want to be straight, but can't they keep it in the closet?

Anonymous said...

I don't see much difference between Article 8/PRC and MassNews. Amy Contrada wrote for MassNews for years and the sentiments of the two groups are very similar. MassNews may be more polite (and funnier), but the "gays are destroying the universe" theme is the same.

The bit about the Gay globe editors seems to have come from Camenker (note that he carefully hides his e-mail address while giving out the Globe staffer's):

On top of that, Article 8 and MassNews appear to share the same Web master. It's hard to believe that two people came up with sites that similar and that butt ugly on their own.

Anonymous said...

MassNews and Article8 don't have the same webmaster. (I should know). PRC, Article8 and MassResistance do, but MR is your out of the both PHP blog site.

Ed's not a bad guy overall. He is more concerned with the NYT, liberals in the Senate, and the like than he is with homosexuality in the state right now.