Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Coming Soon!

Swedish furniture maker IKEA is opening next week in Stoughton, November 9th to be exact. No, I'm not getting any money from posting this. The reason I do mention it is because IKEA, 1994, was one of the first companies to show a same sex couple in its commercials:
The IKEA ad disappeared only a few weeks after it began when the retailer got a bomb threat at a store from conservatives, along with calls for a boycott.
I guess the "Christians" didn't like the ad. The ad was part of a larger campaign that dealt with non-traditional couples (and I thought all families were One Man and One Woman and One Child, go figure!). Since then IKEA has included gay and transgender themes in its commercials.

While we're on the topic of Sweden:

Since Sweden's Ministry of Justice announced last week that beginning in the spring, local registrars will not be able to refuse to join gay couples under the country's civil unions law, some officials have protested, arguing that registrars will resign. Under current law, registrars can decide for themselves—and in Stockholm, for example, one fifth of the registrars refuse to join gay couples.

The change is part of an issue that has been debated since the Scandinavian country legalized civil unions for gay couples in 1994. The announcement came as Sweden's Lutheran Church established a special blessing ceremony for same-sex partnerships that is apart from traditional weddings. The Swedish Church Assembly, the decision-making body for the Church of Sweden, voted 160-81 to approve the ceremony.

Sweden has a liberal attitude toward gay rights, but same-sex marriage is not yet legal. Later this year a government-appointed committee is expected to file a report on whether the law allowing civil unions between gay couples should be changed to include marriage as well. More than 7 million of Sweden's 9 million inhabitants belong to the Church of Sweden, but few attend church regularly.

Wow, I guess Governor Romney is ahead of the Sweden's government since he required Justices of the Peace to perform same sex marriage or resign the day it went into effect.


Lynne said...

"One Man and One Woman and One Child"

Don't you mean "One Man and One Woman and Two-Point-Five Children"?

Anonymous said...

This is in response to your Ikea posting: I think it's unfair for you to say "I guess the Christians didn't like it". I'm a Christian, born-again, whatever you want to call it and I think it's bullshit that you everyone who isn't Christian think we're all alike. It's like me saying "I guess that's just the way the Gays think." There are a LOT of Christians out there that practice the law of Christ - love. I've got so many liberal friends that are only open when it comes to their opinions or those that share them. When it comes to anything that differs...well, forget about acceptance. And you seem to be the same way. You disagree with many Christians. So what? Many Christians would disagree with you. But so would many Muslims and other religions...why not lump them all together? Why not rag on Muslims? Why not rag on other orthodox religions? Man...get a fucking clue and stop bashing on Christians.