Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Articles NOT on Massresistance

Wow, I guess we have to blame the homosexuals for the heterosexuals going nuts. Here's another installment of "Articles You won't see on Massresistance":


Mass Marrier said...

Those anti-gay types cannot even think about this stuff. Facts like almost all child abuse -- physical and sexual -- is by parents and other close relatives is too emotionally taxing for them. They might have to question that chant of everyone thrives best in a traditional mom/dad family.

Blue Stater said...

Where is the "Religious Right" with their torches. They are so quick to condem any kind of allegged crime that includes a gay person yet they silence is deafening.

They do not care about children, all they care about is discriminating against gay people. Where are the calls of outrage because that woman in Florida didn't get jail time?

Anonymous said...

Why should she get jail time?

She's pretty!

Anonymous said...

and straight.

Anonymous said...

And she's white, too.

It would be a shame to send a pretty white straight girl to prison.