Friday, November 11, 2005

Boo Hoo!

Ms. Massresistance is sobbing over on her blog because David Parker received a "vile and rancid" telephone message after he appeared on ABC news. She says:
In case you ever wondered how disgusting the homosexual activists can get when they don't like you, here's just a little taste of it.
Hello! David Parker CHOSE to go on ABC News. HE CHOSE to hold up in the Lexington elementary school until he was arrested, he wanted to be a martyr for Article 8's cause. The phone messages and emails you post are no different than the disgusting ones my family has received since YOU Ms. Massresistance posted my email address on your site. We never "picked" this fight. We just want to live our lives however you and your Article 8 cronies are the ones trying to take rights away from us. I'm not making excuses for the crank phone call Parker received because there are nutcases on both sides of this argument. Unfortunately we are the ones who have been bashed, maimed and killed because we are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. When was the last time a teenager killed himself because he was heterosexual? Where are the news stories about the gangs of gay youth who target straight couples and bash them unconscious?

You are the one who baits us. You are the one posting names, pictures, addresses, phone numbers and anything else you can get your grubby little hands to entice your readers to attack us. No doubt David Parker's wife and family should not have been involved, however, you yourself do not seem to mind bringing in innocents to degrade and vilify. You have no one to blame except yourself. You pull people down into the mud with you and you're awfully dirty.


Anonymous said...

I have a serious question - not just trying to provoke or ridicule or anything: What is your opinion on the legislation to lessen the penalty of sex acts on animals?

Ryan Charisma said...

Sex with animals....hmmm. Well, it's not for me. But, if both the human & the beast are consenting, then it's really none of your/my/our business. Now if either is not a willing paticipant, then I would think that would constitute rape. Right? Boil it down, right is right and wrong is wrong. You figure can do this. There cannot be a reciprocted 'lust' or 'love' in this matter. Should it be punished? Only if it's rape I guess. Should they marry? Well, once again is the relationship reciprocal? Most likely not, so no...they shouldn't. And no one should compare marrying animals to gay marriage. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm a libertarian Republican who favors marriage and abortion rights, and I must say I am abhorred by the attempt to legalise bestiality. People who do that are twisted, they need a long prison sentence. Disgusting.

Michael said...

Well I'm all for gay rights and fighting for equality and everything being gay myself; however I did find that message a little disturbing. Stuff like that just gives them more ammo and even if they do leave messages like that for us, then we should try and be better then them; not stoop down to their level.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, I'm sure the original commenter wasn't trying to be provocative; what would be provocative about that?

Seriously, what is it with right-wingers and their obsession with bestiality anyway? I mean, is that something that comes up a lot, in your world?