Friday, November 18, 2005

Pay No Attention To The Amy Behind the Curtain

This was also included in Article Hate's update:

=== 2. Lawsuit is just part of latest assault against Article 8 people by vicious gay movement. But we're not backing down. ===

Over the last few months, homosexual activists have been waging a particularly disgusting campaign to harass and intimidate the Article 8 office.

When challenged, the gay movement rarely attempts to defend their position on its merits. Instead, they pick a few individuals and go after them personally with whatever vicious things they can think of.

They've made a point to go after one of our office volunteers -- Amy. They send Amy horrible pornographic personal email messages. They've also sent her emails threatening her family. They publish her address on their blogs. On two recent occasions, they've stolen Amy's credit card numbers and charged bizarre (i.e., not expensive -- just weird) things to her accounts.

This is the kind of depraved, dangerous people we are up against. And in this week's "Bay Windows" (the Boston-based homosexual newspaper distributed across Massachusetts) they put Amy's name in a front page article. And last week they published where Amy's daughter goes to school. (Does this bother you? Here's one place where Bay Windows gets funding: "DirecTV" buys expensive full-page ads! You can call DirecTV at 1-800-347-3288 or email them here. Let them know why you and your friends will never use their service.)

But Amy is a role model to all of us. Sure, this is all very scary and unnerving. But Amy's not backing down. She's not going to let them think they can do this to everyone!!

Bay Windows also put my picture on their front page this past week, with an incendiary article, in an effort to intimidate me. But that won't work either.

And some of it is really obsessive. For instance, they went on dozens of web sites and registered "Artie Eight" for everything from mortgage requests to auto loans to travel brochures, and even magazine subscriptions. But think about it -- in general, it's relatively easy to throw away junk mail, or tell a mortgage company that their call is a mistake -- compared to the time it must take to go onto a web site and fill out a form with all the required information. Imagine someone actually taking the time to do that. That's how obsessed and, yes, sick some of these people are.

Be not afraid.

GIVE ME A BREAK. Amy Contrada has been harassing and trying to intimidate lots of people, not just GLBT people ever since she started her blog. Yes, Amy is responsible for Massresistance. During her almost 12 months writing her blog she has published countless people's pictures and telephone numbers. She didn't even put up an email address on her blog until only a month or so ago. BTW, have you ever seen all the pictures over at the Article 8 website? They are quite handy with a camera (and a tape recorder I heard!). They have no problem snapping pictures of anyone at events but don't take their pictures, apparently that's intimidating. (Note: I do not publish the addresses or home telephone numbers of anyone on this blog. Anyone posting with such information will be deleted. This has been my policy from the start)

Bay Windows actually printed her name! Imagine, a newspaper actually printing the news (call Fox News!) because a reporter recognized her from a hearing AND the "Love Won Out" conference AND Massresistance: The Radio Show and put 3 and 3 together. (You notice how Article 8 never mentions Amy arguing with the police at the conference? Read the Bay Windows article)

And now they are blaming "homosexual activists" for stealing her credit cards and charging bizarre things to her accounts. Are you sure the charges weren't hers? This is the woman who was writing about how children learn about sex from listening to their parents do it in the next room.

As for the problem of spamming people with email addresses, join the club. Your anti-gay minions has been doing that to us for years. If it's happening to you, its because your people taught us how to do it. Now I have to go and read my American Family Association, Family Research Council and Liberty Council email updates that someone put my name on. Thanks to whoever you are, I love reading about bigots in the morning with my orange juice, how did you know?


Anonymous said...

Uh, no it wasn't your policy from the start, Buddy. Amy's address was left on comment sections for weeks before you ever did anything.

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis of the situation, Buddy.

On Thursday, I filed a formal complaint with the FCC for violations that WTTT has incured by airing The "MassResistance radio show. I also wrote to one of the advertisers who had no idea his spots were running during the program. I expected him to call WTTT and ask that his spots never run during the 2 hours that the show airs.

For those of us, who have joined the party late, could someone please give us a bio on Brain.
Exactly which rock did he crawl out from?

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Can someone keep us up-to-date on what advertisers are sponsoring Brian's hate radio?

Also, The FCC has now made it even easier to file complaints, so please share with us transcripts of offensive things to complain about.

Right now, one of the Republican members of the FCC has announced he is resigning. This leaves us with at least a temporary Democratic majority on the panel.

Republican Abernathy to Leave FCC


Bookmark the link to the FCC's Form 475B and use it to report any program you think crosses the line.

To access formats for people with disabilities, such as Braille, large print and audio files, please send an email to:

Anonymous said...

Republican Abernathy to Leave FCC

WASHINGTON - Republican Kathleen Abernathy said Thursday she will leave the Federal Communications Commission early next month, which could leave the five-member commission with two open seats and give Democrats a temporary 2-1 majority.

Abernathy has served for four years. Her term actually expired last year but under federal rules she could stay on until next month. She plans to leave the job Dec. 9.

The FCC already has one vacancy, leaving a 2-2 split between Republicans and Democrats. Abernathy's departure could leave the FCC in an unusual position of having a Republican chairman and two Democratic commissioners if the Senate doesn't act quickly on the nomination of Republican Deborah Tate.

The chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, Ted Stevens of Alaska, has said his panel probably won't act on the nomination before Dec. 12. And with the Senate considering a Supreme Court nominee and a nomination for Federal Reserve chairman, it's not clear how fast the chamber would act on Tate's nomination.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second -- Amy Contrada is an Article 8 "office volunteer?" Is Camenker capable of telling the truth?

Just Google her... she's the Amy on the Article 8 talk radio show, the person behind MassResistance (directly linked from the Article 8 homepage). the author of literally hundreds of anti-gay screeds, ...

One of the more interesting Google hits is her publishing Dan Kennedy's home information and encouraging her readers to mail bomb Dan for daring to criticize her.

This is not an innocent. She's a hatemonger hiding behind the internet. She doesn't even have the guts to allow comments on her own site.

Anonymous said...

Brian Camenker first showed up in the early 90's as part of the "The Interfaith Coalition" which was dedicated to stomping out "gay-affirming and sex-education programs." They later became the "Parents Rights Coalition" and worked on legislature to ban teaching that homsexuality is normal or acceptable.

This is all long before what they call "FistGate." That, like David Parker's arrest, was a publicity stunt to attempt to get public support.

People that know him report that he is a vicious and obsessive homophobe. For example, Brian used to be a member of a Newton anti-tax group, but was kicked out for turning every meeting into a rant about "the gays" taking over Newton.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

Thanks to the person who provided the background info on Brain. Does anyone know if this creep has a job?

On Monday I will have a list of all the local advertisers who have spots running in Brain and Amy's hate show.

IRA Motors for example, runs spots for two of their dealerships on WTTT. They were not aware that their spots would air during this program.

Ira Rosenberg the founder of IRA Motors, has been a major benifactor to the Fenway Community Health Center and other Gay related non-profits.

He is very proud and close to his Gay son.

I will provide everyone with contact info for IRA Motors, The mortage broker who thinks his spots only run during "The Irish Hit Parade" radio show that runs on WTTT's sister station WROL AM 950 and a Chiropractic Office in Beverly Ma.

Regardles of how this business owners feel about Gay civil rights they don't want their business to be associated with a highly controversial program.

The other advertisers our national accounts, like that dating service promoted by the Doctor guy, these spots are probibly purchased through Salem Communications ( the owners of WEZE AM 590, WROL AM 950 and WTTT AM 1150's national sales rep office. It will take me some time to gather their contact info but if we all sent a post card to every advertiser asking them if they know what kind of show their spots are running on and ask them to call the station's GM and ask that their spots not run during the show Brian will be left running dead air during his breaks which will make for an even a more
unlistenable show.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how you answer Article Hate's latest diatribe about Amy's mysterious home break-in.

I hope you can sue Brian and Amy for the things they're saying about you.

Remind me to get my popcorn.

This should be good.

Boston Bud said...

To the Anonymous Poster above: The reality is that breaking and entering is a crime; and although Ms. Massresistance doesn’t engender much sympathy, she, like all of us, have the right to be safe and secure in our homes.

Even though MassResistance is trying to stop us, ultimately, we are fighting for everyone’s right to live their lives in peace. Thanks for the comment, Boston Bud