Saturday, November 12, 2005

Real Women

Now we see the truth behind Ms. Massresistance's rancid anti-gay rhetoric. She's uncomfortable with the skin's she's in. In yesterday's post she ranted about Rep. Eugene O'Flaherty (Chelsea) decision to not support the anti-gay marriage amendment and had this to say:

What's with these men in our Mass. Legislature? Are they all getting female hormone injections? Where are the real men?
Oh that's right, she wants us to go back to the 50's and the June Cleaver era. She wants the men to wear the pants and order the women around. Ironically, if we did go back in time she would be delegated to her rightful position, as a second class citizen, because women just don't deserve the same rights as men (where have I heard something like that before?) She wouldn't be able to have a blog to attack anyone either. (I doubt she would have the time since she wouldn't be able to afford domestic help seeing the way she's always crying that the gays have all the money)

And even though she is dutifully playing second fiddle to Brian "Mass.Hysteria" Camenker on the radio, women are supposed to be seen and not heard. Oh, and don't be wearing no slacks, dresses or skirts only please, that's crossdressing!

Which brings me to why same sex marriage is a threat to "traditional marriage" Same sex marriage would no longer "box" each spouse to "traditional" roles. Each person could share equally in all duties of the partnership, no spouse would have a greater say in decisions because "I'm the family in the family." It's happening in millions of families across the country now however the Christian Right wants to put women back "in their place," as subservient to their husbands.

Look around, how many women in power to do see? The ones that do assert their rights to equal treatment under the law get tagged "lesbian", "man hater" or "femini- Nazi". The Radical Right all made up of white men, having women in power or places of authority is what really scares them.


Anonymous said...

Dont forget the good old gals from CWA (Concerned Women of America). Why should white men be the only bigots.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Women For America is just another front for the Religious Right. Robert Knight is pulling the strings and is the director of culture and Family Institute.

Anonymous said...

homophobia = sexism. we need to always speak out against both. gay men need to support women's reproductive rights!!!

JollyRoger said...

In Jesusistan, anything not "like us" must be viewed with suspicion, and destroyed, if at all possible.

Jesusistan is a place where bigots can get together and feel good about being bigots. Der Rovesmarschall and El Shrubbo made it OK to openly hate them fags-maybe if they really work at it, they can openly hate Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, poor people...

Anonymous said...

What is Robert Knight doing at the Concerned Women for America? Is he feeling a bit confused about his gender?