Monday, November 7, 2005

A Letter From My Husband

Except for the occasional comment, my husband doesn't write for this blog. However, as Ms. Massresistance dubbed us "The Poster Boys for Marriage Equality" he couldn't help himself:

Recently, MassResistance dubbed my husband and I the poster boys for marriage equality. Being a private citizen, I was, at first, surprised to find my marriage their next target. And then I thought of that old maxim, "the Lord works in mysterious ways".

You see, the picture bears some explanation. We are listening to my father give a toast. Now several years ago, my father was not keen on me being gay let alone the concept of same-sex marriage. But my Dad, being a kind and decent man, tried to keep an open mind. In time, he came to love Buddy; and to witness the loving and caring relationship we have. He pushed away the rhetorical din around him; and in a celebration of life and love, gave a beautiful toast at our wedding.

And so its is apt that MassResistance should post that particular picture. You see, most people are like my Dad. They don't start out understanding the need for same sex marriage. Furthermore, they don’t even know or are comfortable with gay people for that matter. But most people are kind and decent; and to quote Lincoln, do listen to the better angels of their nature.

I believe that is what MassResistance knows and fears the most. That in the end good and decent people like my Dad are going to support their families, their friends, their neighbors, their co-workers, their fellow citizens. So they put our picture up and snipe about this or that. It’s just noise. We all know they are on the losing side of history. You can see it in our faces.


Anonymous said...

MassResistance has totally lost it. She thought she was putting down gay marriage and she actually showed it in a positive light. I think what we are seeing is a melt down of the Article 8 group that started with Camenker's hilarious outing on the Daily show. I hear Contrada is booked for Saturday Night live.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing that beautiful commentary Patrick. I agree with you so much: most people are decent and loving and want to be good to others, and they are working toward that in the case of gay and lesbian people. And I agree too, the sniping and picture publishing is just noise. Thanks again for your comment, and the generous spirit that you showed in sharing the story of the picture! It was a wonderful day!

Rieux said...

A lovely picture and a lovely post. Mazel tov to you both.

Chuckieo said...

Buddy and Patrick-

Little do they know the kind thing they have done by showing the two of you beaming with happiness. Until now only those of us who were lucky enough to be at your wedding and those who read Bay Windows had been able to share in your joy. I believe we owe a round of thanks to the good folks at Article 8 or Mass Resistance or whatever they call themselves for sharing with the millions the world over who read their blog. (?!!??!) You guys should be the poster boys for marriange in general!

Anonymous said...

"You can see it in our faces."

And theirs.

"The arc of moral history is long, but it bends toward justice." --MLK

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I'm a regular reader of the blog.

Just curious about the picture.

Are you (blog owner) the bigger guy in the picture....and is Patrick the smaller fellow?

Just curious. Thanks!