Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lt. Gov. Healey Believes Gays Are Second Class Citizens

Lt. Gov. Healey, still in the shadow of Gov. Romney from Utah, said yesterday that she backs the amendment to the constitution which will stop same sex couples from marrying and most likely void earlier marriages.
Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey endorsed a proposed gay-marriage ban esterday, but said the state Republican Party should not change its platform to call for a ban because Republicans are split on the issue.
She was quick to point out that the some of the Democrats were for the amendment too. However, the article also points out that the state Democratic Party has voted to endorse gay marriage in its platform.

In the "I want my cake and eat it too department" the Massachusetts Republican Party is helping the anti-gay amendment by getting signatures BUT they chose not to ask their own committee members (unlike the Democrats) to decide whether or not they should get involved. So they want to "Let the People Vote" except when it might turn against them:
''The people have the right to a vote, but the state committee doesn't have a right to vote?" said Tom Lang, the director of KnowThy, which supports gay marriage and has posted the names of petition signers on its website.
Of course everyone knows that the Republican party of Massachusetts is just a whore for voters. They are only helping to collect signatures so they can get their greedy little hands on the voter lists. I guess their trouncing in last year's election for the Massachusetts legislature is forgotten since most if not all of the new legislators support marriage equality.

Still, Healy supports adoption by gay couples. She just doesn't want them or their families to have the same rights as other couples, she wants to give us "special rights" i.e., civil unions. We don't want "special rights" we want EQUAL RIGHTS.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you DO want SPECIAL rights! You already have the same rights as everyone else. Homosexuality was considered a mental disorder back before you got involved in the mental health industry and forced your sick ideas on the profession.That is the only way you get your sicko agenda passed on to the public! You are the most hateful bunch I have ever seen. Christians believe what the Holy Bible says. God did not make Adam and Steve! He made Adam and EVE! I really believe in live and let live, but I draw the line when you indoctrinate even the youngest of students! You have no business brainwashing the children and stealing their very short innocent childhood!LEAVE AMY ALONE!!!!!