Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Choose Life, But My Money's Against the Gay Couple Down the Street

In Mass "Family" Institute's E-Alert dated November 9th they tout Texas' ban on same sex marriage, Oregon's "marriage" amendment upheld by a court (I guess they pick and choose which activist justices they like depending on how they rule) and the pathetic Federal Marriage Amendment. Of course everyone knows that the federal marriage amendment is just a distraction from all the real work that the Congress should be working on. I mean, we have men and women dying in Iraq however some people's biggest priority is to stop same sex couples from having health care and legal protections!

Which brings me to the last paragraph of MFI's email:

Massachusetts Choose Life is a non-profit organization whose purpose it is to create a specialty license plate with the message "Choose Life." Proceeds from this plate will benefit maternity homes and crisis pregnancy centers who offer adoption as an alternative to abortion. The funds will assist women with the expenses of a full term pregnancy-such as medical bills, temporary housing, transportation, utility bills, food, maternity clothing, and similar expenses of infants-until placed with an adoptive family. Fifteen states have now approved the Choose Life specialty plate, including Connecticut. In addition to Massachusetts Choose Life, there are groups working in Rhode Island and New Hampshire to create such plates.

Hey stupid! How many millions of dollars are you going to spend to "protect" marriage? How many thousands of dollars have you already spent on gathering signatures through fraud? If you cared so much about the unborn why didn't you spent the money on them? How many people did you help out down south when hurricane Katrina devastated their homes? How many of your children did you get to enlist to fight this war for WMD? Put your money where your mouth is.

I got my American Family Association envelop today. They tell me they sent thousands of Bibles to Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi, that should give them shelter from the elements and fill their stomachs. Oh, and don't buy the dolls.

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Mark D. Snyder said...

This story seems late to me and I dont really want to write about it but our city desk has been flooded with emails from the group called article 8 - reporter from boston herald yesterday.

Article 8 forced the herald to write an article about how did not have a permit it's in todays edition. But the herald was quick to point out that you do not need a permit to hold a protest!!!