Saturday, November 26, 2005

Droning For Dollars

For those of you who tuned in to MassResistance: The Radio Show because of me I'm sorry. Even the hilarious last 5 minutes of the show in which Brian and Amy clearly had nothing to talk about and continuously whispered back and forth "What do we talk about now?" couldn't help pull this show out of the gutter of boredom and monotony.

We did get a clue however, as to how Brian Camenker intends to continue to fund his anti-gay organization (which is hurting for cash). In light of the fact that the legislature is never going to vote to remove the four judges from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (which is the REASON for Article 8's existence) Camenker has to think of some way to get money, enter the Parents Right Coalition AGAIN.

My opinion is that the Article 8 Klan will revert back to "Parents Mode" and try and raise funds to get Bill # H1050, the "New Parents Rights Bill" enacted. You see the earlier law, which Brian Camenker claims to have written, is just not radical enough. My husband always says treating people equally is easy. It's as simple and as straight forward is the golden rule. Discriminating against them, on the other hand, is complicated. One needs to create special laws and infrastructures to treat people differently. It's complex, which is probably why Brian got it wrong the first time; and now needs a new law to discriminate correctly. Kind of like bringing those self-lighting briquettes to a Klan meeting only to discover that lighter fluid would have worked better.

All in all the show was a complete waste of time. If you must, I do suggest you tune in last, say the last ten minutes to hear Brian's monotone and then the 5 minutes of "What do we talk about now?" "Cough" *whisper, whisper*. It sums up what Article 8 and Massresistance is all about, Much Ado About Nothing.

P.S. Unlike Rep. Perry from Sandwich, who was a guest on the show, we celebrate diversity and don't always assume everyone is just like us so we'd like to wish Brian a Happy Hanukkah instead of Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I don't see how making health class an elective rather than manditory is discrimination.

Anonymous said...

That's not what Article Hate Alliance is saying.

To be fair though, I think Boston Bud can do a better job explaining this one to the rest of the class.

Taxpayer said...

Here's the part I don't get: it's a public school. Public schools serve the PUBLIC. The public is filled with straight people, and gay people and single family homes and white people and asian people and people of color and people that celebrate Christmas and Hannukkah --- well you get the point. So, our public school should reflect our society. IF Parents' Rights, or Article 8, or whatever they are calling themselves this week for the Issue du Jour, don't like it, why not choose private school?

Anonymous said...

That's right #2 above, Article Hate is looking to ban anything that even remotely refers to gay or lesbian in the school. They want no discussion of gay parents, gay students, gay animals, etc... They only want discussions of what they think families are, white, mother, father and child. Gay families do not exist and should not be even recognized. #2 was right, Boston Bud was being much more kinder to Article Hate.

Anonymous said...

Google Camenker or read the PRC home page. He's an open homophobe and the organization exists to eliminate "gay-affirming and sex-education programs in the state of Massachusetts." (direct quote from Brian).

They want to ban any classroom discussion that homosexuality exists. Remember that David Parker wanted his child removed from the classroom IF ANOTHER CHILD MENTIONED HIS OR HER SAME_SEX PARENTS.

Anonymous said...

To echo the previous poster - READ THE PRC HOME PAGE.

This isn't about opting out of health - the current law covers that. They want to expand the law to cover any discussion of sexual orientation and make it "opt-in."

This includes health class, Gay-Straight Alliances, and any "teachable moment" they consider gay-affirming. They also want to amend the law to introduce religious beliefs as a criteria.

Here's the text of the new law. Please read it.

Then read their page and their justifications:

"In recent years the Massachusetts public school system has experienced an explosion of sexuality and homosexuality programs, classes, and general propaganda throughout the Commonwealth, aimed specifically at children, from the high schools right down to the elementary schools. These have usually come in "through the back door" brought in by activists, without deliberation or even full knowledge of parents and the general community. "

"This bill will derail the homosexual agenda in the public schools -- and the gay activists (as they did last year) will be trying to get it killed before it can get out of Committee and get voted on by the whole Legislature. This is vital for parents. The current law is full of loopholes and is difficult to enforce. The new law would give parents real control - and it has been heavily opposed by gay activists, Planned Parenthood, and the teachers union, and other left-wing groups."

BostonBud is being way too nice.

Anonymous said...

"The current law is full of loopholes..."

Loopholes such as not kicking a child out of the classroom if he says something like, "I had to miss school yesterday because one of my mommies was in the hospital."

You know. "Loopholes."

Ryan Charisma said...

I'm lost. What is the "homosexual agenda" again? I'm a bad gay, and I keep forgetting we have an agenda. Maybe becasue the only people with agendas are the bigots?

But my NEW gay agenda is to stop straight people from sending their children to gay schools. I mean, I don't mind straight people, but I don't want to be seeing that in public. ewww.