Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Urgent Message from Mass "Family" Institute

Massachusetts Family Institute Urgent Alert November 7, 2005
Protection of Marriage Amendment 2005

Dear Supporter of Traditional Marriage:
Thank you for all of your support and hard work these last few weeks. The end of the marriage amendment petition drive is fast approaching, but we need your help now more than ever.

It is well known that there will be an unprecedented effort to disqualify signatures on the marriage petition. (We got these signatures through fraud dammit and we will keep these signatures at any expense!) We expect national pro-homosexual organizations to flood Massachusetts with out-of-state money to challenge the certification of every single signature that is collected.

We need your help to ensure that this blatant effort to disenfranchise the voters of Massachusetts fails. We cannot allow these anti-family, anti-democracy forces (unlike us who have deceived people into signing our petitions) to succeed in taking the right to vote away from Massachusetts citizens (As long as they vote the way we want them to, if not then we will try another avenue to remove same sex marriages).

The best way to help us is to collect more signatures. With most churches around the Commonwealth having already conducted their petition drives within their congregations, our focus must now turn to:

Friends and relatives -- please encourage people who have signed the petition to each get a few more signatures from like-minded people (i.e., bigots like us).
The general public
-- you know best what places in your town have the highest amount of foot traffic, but here are a few suggestions:

In front of supermarkets that are part of a larger shopping center.
On the sidewalk in front of your post office, especially on Saturday morning.
In your local senior centers.

At your local transfer station or "dump."
(i.e., places where likeminded people like you like to hang out)

Klu Klux Klan Meetings, White supremacist gatherings, David Parker Rallies, etc...

If you are on a public sidewalk, you do not need permission from anyone to collect signatures. (But scream bloody murder is anyone questions your tactics. Play the victim) Otherwise, it is best to secure approval from either a store manager or other person in charge. If they refuse, be sure to have the legal guidance from the Secretary of State in hand to show them that they must allow you to collect signatures. (And send the store's name to Massresistance so they can publish the store name, telephone number, pictures of the managers, cashiers, stockboys, telephone numbers of the employees, their hobbies, what they had for lunch that day, etc...) (The guidance can be found on our website:http://www.voteonmarriage.org/signature.html.)

This marriage amendment is our last stand for traditional marriage in Massachusetts. (Well, that is until we question the marriages that have taken place before 2008 through a lawsuit, WE WILL GET ALL THEIR MARRIAGES!!) We must not fall short of our goal. We must not be intimidated by our devious and well-funded opponents. (Family Research Council, American Family Association, Liberty Council, Alliance Defense Fund and the Catholic church is really only giving us "moral" support, they're not sending any money) We must stand strong for marriage as the union of one man and one woman! (Offer not valid in Utah where it's one man and 2+ women)

We effectively have 10 days left to get more signatures and turn them in to the town clerks by November 23. Let’s make the most of them!

For our children (except those children who are gay, lesbian,bisexual, transgender or children of gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender parents because they don't deserve protections like us normal families have.),
Kris Mineau President, Massachusetts Family Institute
(Spokesman dammit! I'm not a spokeswoman)
Massachusetts Family Institute is a nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to strengthening and protecting the family (except if that family contains GLBT members).
381 Elliot St. Suite 185L * Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464
http://www.mafamily.org *
Phone: 617-928-0800 * Fax: 617-928-1515
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Lynne said...

Any word on if they're even gonna have enough sigs to make it on the ballot?

Rieux said...

From the noises the 'phobes are making, it sure sounds like they've got more than the ~65,000 that the law requires.

The big question is how many signatures will be disqualified. The 'phobes are trying to get double the legally required amount so that they have plenty of insurance--it sounds like they think they'll get there by the due date.

There's (perversely) hope, I guess, in the news that so much fraud has gone into the gathering--but it's hard to imagine tens of thousands of signatures being thrown out.

My (minimally educated) guess is that they'll have enough validated signatures to make it. Alas.

Anonymous said...

Given how well organized the religious right is, I have to imagine that they collected the minimum number simply by corralling their own. As for the general public, however, it appears that they had to engage in a healthy campaign of fraud and deceit, which taints the legitimacy of all the signatures. As an aside, I'm hearing that Catholics are not responding in the numbers the Bishops expected. (Odd, we just don't obey like the children.) I hope they learn to get out of politics back to the work of the Church.