Monday, November 14, 2005

Picture of Normal?

Don't cha just a bigot who changes a story to fit their lies? Ms. Massresistance posted the following:

Our very existence is "offensive" to homosexuals. Not -- as they say --because we are "Nazis, haters, homophobes." But simply because we are normal. We are heterosexual. How much more offensive could we be? We remind them of their abnormality, and their unhappiness. So --we must be silenced, shunned, and put out of their sight. This article
in WorldNetDaily says it all:
"Wedding painting 'too hetero' for homosexuals: Image of bride, groom signing register deemed offensive to 'gays'." In question is a lovely a Victorian painting of a bride in white about to marry -- horrors! -- a groom.

And this bunch claims to believe in "tolerance".

However, if you click on the link, that bastion of truth, WorldNetDaily you see what she has interpreted but she leaves a couple of things out:
  • The picture is from an office in Great Britain, and
  • The story doesn't even say who found the picture offensive. It does state "Even Kevin Smith, a homosexual man who "married" his partner Hamilton de Oliveira told the paper, "Putting a landscape up is ludicrous, we're not offended by scenes of a heterosexual couple. We're not in the Stone Age.""

Actually, some of my best friends are heterosexual and yes, they are normal. She thinks we find her offensive because she is "normal". I've seen normal, my parents are normal, You, are NOT normal.

Normal people:

  • don't dress up like Margaret Marshall and burn the constitution,
  • attend high school assembles and videotape teenagers,
  • secretly record children against their will
  • aren't obsessed with a billboard in Cambridge
  • aren't obsessed with the sex lives of people they don't know
  • don't expect the Mass. SJC to resign just because they say so
  • and so on and so on...


Anonymous said...

Don't forget - normal people aren't so insecure in their views that they have a blog which doesn't allow comments and a radio show which doesn't take calls.

Rieux said...

"Normal," hell. Ms. MR and her fellow haters are ridiculously abnormal, in the ugliest sense of the word.

I don't think the fact that I'm straight gives me more authority to say the above, but if that's what she wants to hear....

Rieux said...

In other news, this straight guy just set a wedding date with his opposite-sex fiancee. Unfortunately, we're not in Massachusetts (though we both went to college there and remember it fondly).

I'd just like to say that it sucks that we're going to be getting a license, and benefits, that our current state still denies to the several wonderful gay couples that we know (and thousands that we don't). It gives us two choices: stay single, or take part in a bigoted institution. Yuck.

Protecting families, my ass. My (entirely heterosexual) soon-to-be family would be a hell of a lot better off if gay marriage were recognized where we live.

I tell you, straight people in Massachusetts are lucky, too.

Steven Keirstead said...

If Article 8's members were flies on our wall they would be shocked and disappointed at how normal the day to day lives of my boyfriend and I are. I guess we might cook for ourselves more than most couples, drink less alcohol (Lansing doesn't drink, and I occasionally have one glass of wine or beer with dinner). We get up, have breakfast, go to work at Harvard, come home, cook supper, watch TV or read or play Scrabble, and go to sleep. Sure sometimes we have hot gay sex, which might be uncommon in the whole human population, but not so uncommon that it's abnormal. We are monogamous, which may be abnormal, but promiscuity is certainly not unique to homosexuals. Lots of heterosexuals are not monogamous or have affairs, etc.

I certainly agree that Camenker, Contrada and the rest of Article 8 and the Massachusetts Family Institute are not normal for Massachusetts. They are obsessed with disenfranchising gays and lesbians, and would even like to go so far as to recriminalize homosexual behavior if they could. They think their religious faith gives them the duty to cry from their wilderness for a return to Victorian morality, and they have nothing but contempt for modern secular society based on law, reason and science. Most people in Massachusetts are now supportive of equal rights for gays and lesbians, and in 2005 including equal marriage rights. This makes them angry and bitter because most people here do not agree with them any longer.

CrackerLilo said...

I can't believe WorldNutDaily included that about a couple of gay guys thinking the idea of replacing the painting is stupid. (I do, too. Well-intentioned, I'm sure, but stupid.)

I like your list of bullet points.

Thanks for keeping this up. It sucks that my wife and I have to care about the politics in another state in order to determine whether we get to stay married or not. (We're in NYC.)