Monday, November 21, 2005

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Well, Massresistance: The Radio Show was on again this past weekend. My husband and I were moving furniture however we still fit listening to the show into our homosexual lifestyles. We were really howling at the laughfest that's billed as "Stories you won't hear anywhere else" Odd thing is, is that all the stories they were talking about were already published in the Globe or posted on their website (Can we only assume they believe that the people who listen in can't read?) They also bill it as "Where the People's voice counts" or "Where your Voice is heard", something to that affect. However, they don't take calls. So I guess your voice is heard if you're in the studio and you are either Brian or Amy.

They spent about 30 minutes "talking" with Mad Dad Parker about his meeting with the Lexington Superintendent. Can you imagine that the Superintendent actually asked Mad Dad if he regretted any he had done? Camenker's tried to build anticipation as he "broke" into a commercial before Mad Dad could answer with the listeners sitting on the edge of there seats wondering "Did he regret anything? Did he? Did he" (If you believe that I've got some internet stocks to sell you....) After the break, Mad Dad said, No, he and his wife did not regret anything they have done. Ah, relief, we actually had to sweat that one out.

At this point I think Camenker must have shared his psychic ability with Parker because Mad Dad could "read into superintendent Ash's mind" just what he was thinking when he asked him the question. He also could formulate exactly what the Superintendent was thinking and was going to do now that Parker didn't regret his actions. Of course he was wrong, since Lexington lifted the restraining order on Parker in a letter dated Nov. 18.

The remaining 20 minutes or so of the program was devoted to C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League, which was featured in the Globe on Sunday. It seems they are trying to get groups to boycott a Catholic Charity event which is honoring Menino. Apparently they have one person and his wife who dropped out but they are not naming names (this time). My question: Is this husband and wife team using artifical birth control? Because that is also against the church's teachings so you might as well go to the fundraiser. Never ever are you to use artifical birth control. If you are getting raped and you ask the rapist to wear a condom you are committing a sin. But some "Catholics" don't talk about that anymore.

You know, it's a shame that these "Christians" are against the good work Catholic Charities has done and continues to do. They even want Catholic Charities to remove the "Catholic" from its name. They are expecting "hundreds" to attend their counter rally if Menino doesn't bow out. We'll see what happens.

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