Wednesday, November 9, 2005


All the praying by the bigots couldn't help Maine turn back the clock. The people have spoken and they don't believe in discrimination. I think Michael Heath of the "Christian" Civic League of Maine should probably move to Kansas because it looks like Kansas is the one state in this country that does not want to move forward. (Do they still have outhouses there too?) It's Monkey Scopes Time!

Also, even with most of Massresistance: The Radio Show's full hour this past weekend devoted to "bulleting" Ed Fynn, the son of anti-gay former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, he couldn't win. I guess Ed needed a little more than the 12 Article 8 votes he got. BTW, if you did get to catch the former mayor on NECN last night, he didn't look too good. I couldn't tell if it was because his son was getting slaughtered in the ballot boxes or Kris Mineau from MFI had just called and told him that they can't get the 120,000 signatures (they said they'd get in one day) for the anti-gay amendment.

I think there's a couple of more seats on that plane to Kansas Ray! Don't forget to drive by and pick up Brian and Amy from Article 8 on your way to the airport.


Steven Keirstead said...

My boyfriend and I live in Boston and we both have roots in Maine. My beau was born in Winterport went to school with Governor Baldacci, and my father grew up in Aroostoock county. Lansing and I have bought land in East Blue Hill village and plan to retire there. I am glad that we will not have to fear the threats of discrimination, and that the majority of Mainers proved they are kind, thoughtful and practical people who will welcome us into their community. Massresistance, Article8 and the Christian Civic League of Maine may decry toleration of homosexuality as evil, but most people no longer see it their way. We are not seeking to destroy their way of life, not trying to curtail their first amendment rights, nor weaken their marriages. We are pursuing the Enlightenment dream of life, liberty and happiness for all Americans, bringing light against a new dark age of religious intolerance. It is sad that the radical traditionalists do not understand that America is not a theocracy, and that they have the same rights as liberals, gays and lesbians etc. do, no more and no less. I am happy that Maine has moved toward the Enlightenment in their society.

New Englander said...

Cheers to Maine! And Cheers to the people of Boston for electing a slate of pro-equality at-large councilors. (Hmm, and look who finished last.)

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Mass Marrier said...

For a chuckle, head to Mikey's blog-like object He retreated into a just-wait-oh-boy scare rap. Kids will be killing themselves in the confusion resulting from this vote. Maine is also to "reap the whirlwind socially, morally and culturally."

You might think he would take personal responsibility for this failure. Well, noooooooooooooooo.

Anonymous said...

When is "Massresistance: The Radio Show!" actually airing?

Does it air regularly?

Has anyone identified the participants?

Someone said someone named "Amy" was on the first show?

Is this "our" Amy? ;-)


Anonymous said...

The latest Bay Windows has a piece on Article8 in which Ethan Jacobs provides positive id on Ms. MassResistance: