Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Christian Indeed

This from the “Christian” Civic league of Maine:

Today is election day 2005. The people of Maine will vote about sex, again. Many don't know this is the subject they are deciding -- sexual morality. They have believed the dark lies about our state. They think we are a state of bigots who hate homosexuals. This deception is made possible by the institutions of Maine. The media, the political parties, the government and even the Catholic Diocese of Maine. The responsibility for the corruption of our youth will lie with them.The hands of the Christian Civic League of Maine, Coalition for Marriage, Maine Grassroots Coalition and every YES voter today will be mercifully clean.

God has washed them. He is the only one with enough power to scrape away the evil filth that is now known in the west as the left.To continue with the hand metaphor -- support for homosexuality is like creating a cake you plan to eat with your bare hands using mud from a pig sty while recognizing the evil of this ideology is like raising undefiled hands to heaven thankful for His miraculous salvation.

However, the best part is the end of this “Christian” piece:

I am thankful for the Christian Civic League of Maine. We will continue to support all Christians who choose active involvement in either political party, or no political party. Our concern is good citizenship. Good citizens support life and family. Apathetic and evil citizens support homosexuality and abortion.

So all you people out there, you know who you are. You are EVIL, PURE EVIL! so beware of the Christian Civic League when they come calling with their wooden stakes and silver bullets all in the name of God.

If you recall, the CCL of Maine is headed by Michael Heath. He's the guy who threatened to out the Maine Legislators:
In this age of 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' and 'Sex in the City,' it is only appropriate that all of us here in Maine understand the 'sexual orientation' of our leaders. Since this matter of 'sexual orientation' is of such fundamental importance that we must turn civilization on its head to accommodate it, we feel duty-bound to help you gain a better understanding. We will therefore be writing about state leaders in coming months regarding their 'sexual orientation.' We are, of course, most interested in the leaders among us who want to overturn marriage, eliminate the mother/father family as the ideal, etc. The list is long, so we won't lack for material. If you can help us, please do. E-mail us tips, rumors, speculation and facts. The more information we have the better. We will respect and honor confidentiality. Help the League stand for righteousness."
Oh, days (weeks?) later he then apologized, sort of:
I am sorry for indicating that the League is going to keep a list of the "sexual orientation" of public policy makers and leaders. In the midst of fighting for something I feel very strong about I wrote and said things that I should not have written and spoken. I feel terrible that my words and conduct have besmirched the fine reputation and important ministry of the Christian Civic League of Maine. And I apologize to the Legislature and the people of Maine.
Now he's back to calling people evil and yet he's still the head of a "Christian" group. I wonder how close he is to Fred Phelp's Westboro Baptist Church?


Mass Marrier said...

It's good though. When you see that the fundies are reduced to piling up their enemies that high, they show how marginalized they have made themselves. First it is the extreme left radicals, then, of course, those damned commie university professors. By now, the CCL looks at the misguided media, the government, churches. In short, they are alone on their Island of Hate.

But to them, the rest of the world is wrong. It's not that they are loonies. It's the rest of the world...

Hmmm. What can we learn from this?

Anonymous said...

Please try not to slam *all* Christians.

Some of us are nice. ;-)

Christianity is not the enemy.

Bigotry and closed-mindedness are the enemies.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who said "some of us are nice and Christianity is not the enemy". I agree with you 100%.
Unfortunately we as Christians are not telling these "hateful Christians" that what they say is wrong in the name of Christianity and that we are outraged. Imagine what would the outcome would have been in the 1940's if all Christians became involved in the outrage of what the Nazi's were doing.

Thank you BostonBud, you continue to raise and discuss these issues.

When are we going to become "outraged" and put a stop to this? I am reminded of Rosa Parks - God rest her soul!

Boston Bud said...

The "Christians" I was referring to in the post are the ones associated with the supposedly Christian Civic League of Maine. These people are NOT Christians. I could say I was made of cheese, however saying so doesn't make it so.

Hooray for Maine! said...

From the Portland Press Herald: "With 75 percent of Maine's 634 precincts reporting, unofficial returns showed Question 1, which would have repealed the law, going down to defeat, 56 percent to 44 percent. That means the law, which bans discrimination based on sexual orientation, takes effect immediately, making Maine the sixth and final state in New England to put such a law on the books."

Anonymous said...

". . .making Maine the sixth and final state in New England to put such a law on the books."


One more reason why I love living in New England.