Sunday, November 27, 2005

Rod Sterling Presents...

Imagine if you will...your child is in school. He is not allowed to talk about his parents. Other children have their two moms or two dads help out at the school library, assist with the classroom instruction or bring cupcakes for their child's birthday. All the school books show families of children with two same sex parents. The teacher is not allowed to even mention that your child has a father and *GASP* a mother. She not permitted to talk about your family life for fear of her job because the same sex parents do not want their child to learn about the Mother/Father households. Eyes are everywhere, closely scrutinizing everything that is taught, one false move and bam all hell breaks loose. Efforts are quietly underway to change you from your alternative lifestyle

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You're traveling through another dimension -- a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone! CUT!

Unfortunately, this isn't the Twilight Zone. The story above is happening only it isn't opposite sex households that are trying to be exorcised from schools it's same sex couples. This is what David Parker, Article Hate and Massresistance wants for Massachusetts. This is what they will sue for if H1050 becomes law. Brian Camenker, who claims he wrote the earlier law, has now come up with another discriminatory law the further discriminates against gay and lesbian students and parents. They will not stop until every mention of gays and lesbians is wiped from all the school's properties.

If only we could just flip the channel.


Anonymous said...

Proposed New Law, currently before the legislature:

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

Chapter 71, Section 32A of the General Laws is hereby amended to be the following: -

Section 32A. Every city, town, regional school district or vocational school district implementing or maintaining curriculum or portion thereof, or school sanctioned program or activity, which primarily involves human sexual education, human sexuality issues, or sexual orientation issues shall adopt a written policy ensuring parental/guardian notification.

All such curriculum, programs, and activities shall be offered only in clearly identified non-mandatory elective courses in which parents or guardians may choose to enroll their children through written notification to the school, in a manner reasonably similar to other elective courses offered by the school district.

To the extent practicable, instruction materials and related items for said curriculum, programs, and activities shall be made reasonably accessible to parents, guardians, educators, school administrators, and others for inspection and review.

No public school teacher or administrator shall be required to participate in any such curriculum, programs, or activities that violate his or her religious beliefs.

Anonymous said...

The additions of "sexual orientation" and "religious beliefs" as criteria ar the heart of the changes.

The PRC gives context, complaining not only of children being assigned a gay themed book, but complaining of an aledgedly anti-Irish Catholic play. This law is intended to give them the tools to ban anything they find objectionable.

In Newton, MA - Gay teenage sex book assigned to English class. Read for yourself! A mother enrolled her 15-year-old son in a summer school English class at the local high school. The teacher passed out copies of a novel for all the students to read -- and write an essay on it. But when the boy brought it home and his mother saw it, she became so upset and distraught that "I couldn't sleep for two days." It's titled "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," by Stephen Chbosky.

Anonymous said...

In case anybody actually believes the Camenker "this isn't about homophobia" schtick, here's morefrom their Web site.

The current "notification" law has been a terrible failure. It is cumbersome, vague, not fully inclusive, and unenforceable. See text of new law and current law. It was supposed to protect parents and children from graphic sexuality and homosexuality in the schools, but simply hasn't worked.

(1) The current law is very narrow in scope. It only includes "curriculum which primarily involves human sexual education and human sexuality issues." That means only dedicated "sex-ed" classes. It does not cover assemblies, speeches, workshops, "gay clubs" after-school sessions, and "homosexual awareness" units and "teachable moments" in other academic classes. Schools use these extensively to get around the law.

And here's why the new law is so much better - it outlaws any discussion of homosexuality. Hmmm.

(2) It includes all school sanctioned programs or activities. It includes assemblies, forums, workshops, class units, etc. "which primarily involve human sexuality education, human sexuality issues, or sexual orientation issues." It also includes the insidious "gay-straight alliance" clubs which often meet after school, without parents' knowledge or consent, and are led by unsupervised homosexual activists.