Sunday, November 20, 2005

It's Time for the "WHINE OF FORTUNE!"

Here's a post from one of MRW's readers:

Dear Friends,

Thanks to the person who provided the background info on Brian. Does anyone know if this creep has a job? On Monday I will have a list of all the local advertisers who have spots running in Brian and Amy's hate show. IRA Motors for example, runs spots for two of their dealerships on WTTT. They were not aware that their spots would air during this program.

Ira Rosenberg the founder of IRA Motors, has been a major benefactor to the Fenway Community Health Center and other gay related non-profits. He is very proud and close to his gay son. I will provide everyone with contact info for IRA Motors, the mortgage broker who thinks his spots only run during "The Irish Hit Parade" radio show that runs on WTTT's sister station WROL AM 950 and a Chiropractic Office in Beverly MA. Regardless of how these business owners feel about gay civil rights they don't want their business to be associated with a highly controversial program.

The other advertisers of national accounts, like that dating service promoted by the Doctor guy, are probably purchased through Salem Communications (the owners of WEZE AM 590, WROL AM 950 and WTTT AM 1150's national sales rep office. It will take me some time to gather their contact info but if we all sent a post card to every advertiser asking them if they know what kind of show their spots are running on and ask them to call the station's GM and ask that their spots not run during the show Brian will be left running dead air during his breaks which will make for an even a more unlistenable show.

I will have more information about yesterday's radio show too. I must say, I'm starting to believe that most of the audience for "Massresistance: The Radio Show" are not their supporters. The show is hilarious and full of gaffs. (I guess Brian didn't do too well in elementary school math. Yesterday was the 4th show Brian). Amy Contrada is trying to be the radio equivalent to "Vanna White":

"Amy, can you give us those telephone numbers?",

"Sure Brian, that's 617-..."

"Ok Amy, that's enough lip service, sit there and keep quiet while I bore to death the remaining listeners"

If only they would play it later on in the day, it would make a GREAT college drinking game. Drink everytime they say "Homosexual activist", "Homosexual newspaper" or "bone chilling". You'd be bombed in 15 minutes.

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