Tuesday, January 31, 2006

100 Klan Members Agree: Bob Knight Is Right!

Agape Press is promoting the following headline:
Pro-Homosexual School Posters Fostering 'Intolerance,' Says Family Advocate
I guess I would agree that it is fostering intolerance, OF HATRED. Can you believe these people playing the victim? There are/were many people in this country that believe(d) that letting African American's drink out of the same water fountain as whites was promoting intolerance too.

The story is about how a few teachers are refusing to put the sign at the left up in their classroom. I guess the teachers do not want safe spaces for all their students. Their refusal to post the signs already alerts their students that they are not in a safe space since the teacher already believes that the LGBTQ youth is disordered. (Can you imagine that teacher molding young minds!)

The "family" advocate who is "making this public" is the infamous homophobe Bob Knight of the "Culture and Family Institute". Bob comments:
According to Knight, the heated debate going on at San Leandro High is not about safety at all. "This is about bullying people and saying you will kneel down and bow to the Baal god of homosexuality -- or we'll make your life very miserable," he says.
No Bob, it's about protecting all the students at the school even the ones you want to condem to hell. Yeah, Bob knows a lot about bullying too, I think its in his position description.

Monday, January 30, 2006

From "Guns and Butter" to "Guns and Sex"

Ok, how messed up is this: Article 8/Massresistance (it's getting tougher to tell these two apart especially since Article 8's whole "mission" is going down the toilet. Like "Parent's Rights Coalition", its time for the Brian and Amy Klan to change their name!) thinks its ok for Military Recruiters to recruit at city schools without the parents permission but its not ok to teach students about health. Does this make sense to any same human being?

On Massresistance: The Radio Show, they had some local right winger talk about three articles he wrote about the Newton schools and how he was astounded that military recruits weren't welcomed with open arms at the school. I wouldn't bother to listen to the recording, hearing Brian Camenker drone on for an hour is enough for anyone to shove spikes through their eyes. Article 8/Massresistance is Pro-war and all for the military taking the kids from schools, now teach the kids about health, well that's another story.

Massachusetts is having hearing on a requirement for students to take "Health" before they graduate and Massresistance/Article 8 is outraged. Health was a requirement when I was in high school and I'm from Massachusetts, oh, that's right Article 8 and Massresistance are run by people who transplanted to Massachusetts. I guess they want them to learn "Health" and sex education from listening to their parents go at it:
From the time a child comes into the world, he observes his parents (one male, one female) interact. Sometimes they hug or kiss. And yes, he registers the fact that they sleep in the same bed. And sometimes the bedroom door is locked and he hears noises. This is a child's normal introduction to sex. It is simply put before him in the context of normal, healthy family activities. Pictures of a normal two-parent family in a picture book do convey a message to the child: This is a family.
I didn't make this stuff up either, check out the link above. Will their lunacy ever end?

Friday, January 27, 2006

It's Getting Even Colder in Alaska

This up from 363Gay.com:

Despite a constitutional amendment already banning same-sex marriage in Alaska Republican lawmakers say it isn't enough. Now it wants a second amendment to prevent the state from providing benefits to the same-sex partners of Alaska state employees.
Why don't they just kick 'em too? The politicians in Alaska aren't satisfied that same sex couples can't marry but they want to make sure that they aren't caring for each other either.

One Republican Lawmaker, Senator Ralph Seekins, already has a draft drawn up and the Governor is all for it. "We'll fix those homosexuals who want to share their lives with someone they love. No health care benefits for you!" What's next, dragging them out and flogging them?

Unfortunately for the Alaska politicians, YOU CAN'T AMEND LOVE!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thanks for the Great Job Sal!

Article 8 finally sent out another update (they must be busy will stuffing hate into all those envelopes because it's been awhile!) and its more of the same. They "out" House Speaker Sal DiMasi who was honored by a group at the Custom House Tower, essentially for doing his job, i.e., protecting the rights of minorities:

Last Sunday, DiMasi received their "Leadership Award" at a banquet at the fancy Marriott Custom House, for his "work toward marriage equality" and "faithful support of GLBT rights." On the invitation were the out-of-touch politicians, Planned Parenthood people, and others.
Click here for pictures, etc:
Mass. Speaker of House guest of honor at homosexual banquet.

This is the guy that runs our Legislature! Call him at 617-722-2500. Or email him at Rep.SalvatoreDiMasi@hou.state.ma.us (tho don't expect a reply). Let him know that he doesn't represent YOU, and that you will do your best to get him booted!

Did you notice how Article 8 always ends with threats and intimidation? Boy, am I glad that DiMasi is my Rep. (Thanks for the Christmas card Sal)

And what's this obsession with the Custom House Tower too? It's owned by Marriott for goodness sake, oh, that's right, it's fancy and that's supposed to be expensive which means that gays and lesbians could affort to have the event there because they have more money which means they do not deserve the same rights as everyone else because they're rich, so stop same sex marriage now, I get it now.

MFI: M****** F******* Institution?

This up in the Boston Globe today:

MassEquality, a group fighting attempts to overturn the landmark court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, will allege today that at least 2,000 people were either duped into signing a petition opposing gay marriage or had their signatures forged, a spokesman said.

The group will call on Secretary of State William F. Galvin and Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly to investigate the signatures collected by workers for VoteOnMarriage, a group working to overturn legal same-sex marriage, said Marc Solomon, campaign director for MassEquality.

While this won't invalidate all the signatures for the anti-gay marriage petition it will bring to light the immoral and illegal way MFI collected those signatures. This same group, who is supposed to be "strengthening the family", is actually teaching children how to be deceptive and dishonest to get what you want. Nice morals right!

And to those people who say "What are you afraid of? Why not let the Massachusetts voters have their say?" I say, "Would you want people to be voting on YOUR civil rights?" Once again, this is not about marriage otherwise they would be asking to revoke ALL the marriages that have taken place since May 17, 2004. No, MFI and the Catholic Church are intellectually dishonest since they really are ok'ing the marriages that have taken place. Groups like Massresistance and MassNews (hate them all you like) are at least honest about trying to get rid of all same sex marriages, not just some.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rehashing the Hate aka Clip Show

One of the commentators brought up a good point that is not talked about enough. Article 8 and Massresistance aren't just against same sex couples marrying, they are against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people period. Just look at some of the stuff they've posted on their websites:
Boston Globe Normalizing the Abnormal Again
Boston Groups Celebrate Depravity

PBS Brainwashing Our Children: Abnormal is Normal

Where the Slippery Slope Starts

"But we differ with Kurtz on where the slippery slope begins. We believe it starts with a legal and social acceptance of homosexuality. Once the legal and social barriers have been removed (i.e., sodomy laws are overturned, gay hookup billboards are allowed on city streets, and family supermarkets carry homosexual newspapers), there's no stopping the radicals from claiming their demands are all about "equal rights". If there's nothing wrong with homosexual behavior per se, they can portray any opposition to anything they want as a discriminatory denial of rights."

If you read some of these ramblings you really do see the hate and yet I'm accused of posting hate and lies by a John "I have no credentials except the Parent's Rights Coalition" Haskins:

Well, the brains over at the offices of SLIBEC (Sodomy Love Is a Beautiful Example for Children), the world-class constitutional and pedagogical think tank running the hate blog "MassresistanceWatch", have weighed in with a truly Jeffersonian masterpiece of constitutional jurisprudence.
I guess this is considered hate since it exposes the truth and leading by example is taking away people's rights and existence.

You'd think they'd spend more time cleaning their homes than dirtying other people's lives.

Pro-Family My Fanny

Well, I was reading the Globe yesterday and I saw this horrendous item about a 26 year old mother who left her two children while she was cooking on the stove. Firefighters came at 11:30 pm, the mother didn't show up until the afternoon the next day. It is the second time that her children were taken away from her.

Next up is a story in today's Globe about a coach (male) who is accused of groping his female basketball team.

I wrote here a few weeks (months) ago about a female teacher in Florida who has a long affair with a teenager who was underage, even going so far as to have sex with him in a truck while his cousin drove. The woman didn't receive any jail time just home confinement (supposedly the judge rejected this sentence however I haven't heard anymore about this incident).

Finally we all can't forget the story of the Letourneau woman who had an affair with one of her students, went to jail (had a baby), got out, had sex with the youth again, finally served her time in prison and then when she got out married the student who is now of legal age.

What do these stories have to do with anything? Well, they are all terrible stories (and there are many more) about adults taking advantage of youth. The reason I mention them is because Article 8/Massresistance doesn't report about any of these. They talk about one incident that was in the news where the abuser pleaded guilty and didn't receive any jail time. But because the abuser and the victim were the same sex it is, to them, more of a crime than the above crimes. They are very selective with the stories they highlight.

Brian Camenker is listed in the Agape Press (yes, they are so credible aren't they!) as a pro-family:
A homosexual teacher in Massachusetts who admitted to raping one of his teenage students and possessing child pornography has escaped jail time. A Waltham-based
pro-family leader says the case is yet another indication that most judges in his state are in league with homosexual activists.
Now Brian Camenker, and Article 8 for that matter, is supposed to be "pro family" what exactly are they doing for the family? Where are they spending money to actually help families? What causes do they support that actually supports families, and I'm not talking about gay families either. Every thing Article 8 does is about homosexuality, they don't care about families. They have not done anything which would even support a family with a mother and a father. They supposedly raise funds to keep their work going but what work is that? It's work to bring down the judges. Their money isn't going to actually people. Which family do you think is benefiting from the money that gets donated? Article 8 is definitely ANTI-family.

Friday, January 13, 2006

He's Entitled To His Opinion Too!

Well, Ms. Massresistance posted for a THIRD day another rant by "John Haskins" crying the illegality of same sex marriages in Massachusetts. And for the THIRD day, Ms. Massresistance has offered NOTHING of "John Haskins" qualifications for making such an argument.

A google search of "John Haskins" turns up that "he" posted various other rants for the American Spectator and is "an associate director of the Parents' Rights Coalition" I've also found him being the "acting director of the Parents' Rights Coalition" and "associate director of Article 8". Is it getting any clearer yet? This hack, if it's not Amy or Brian, is another Article 8/Parents Rights Coalition "associate" who's only expertise seems to HOMOSEXUALITY (yet not being gay). So I thought I'd ask an associate of mine to comment because God knows my postings doesn't give Massresistance any credibility (Who could?).

This will (hopefully) be a continuing feature at Massresistance Watch. You know, our policy at MassResistance Watch is to address the issues (and lies spread such hate groups at Article 8, Massresistance, Parents Rights Coalition, hell, just about anything that Brian Camenker seems to get involved in) and the more legit but nevertheless hateful right wing groups out there like Mass Family Institute.

My associate Gus will occasionally offer his timely thoughts on the issues or lies at hand.

In full disclosure, yes, Gus is my cat of 14 years. Yes, he may be biased since my husband feeds him everyday, but he's also entitled to his opinion and hey, he's lived with a gay guy for all his life. I bet Brian nor Amy nor this "John Haskins" can say the same. Gus is also straight and a cancer survivor. He doesn't mince words. (There you already know more about Gus than you do this "John Haskins". Today Gus responds with:
Wow, short and sweet. He didn't need three posts to get his point across. I guess I'll need to get working on getting that translated. But still, what insight!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

AFA Tries Again

The AFA is trying again to force Ford Motor company to stop contributing to GLBT causes. Embarrassed in December when Ford supposedly reversed a decision it had made with AFA, AFA is now trying another tactic. They have a letter signed by 43 anti-gay organizations asking Ford to "honor their commitment to stop supporting homosexual groups" .

On a side note, have you ever wondered why these vicious anti-gay groups LOVE the word homosexual? They love saying "homosexual" activists or "homosexual" lifestyle. Yet they never refer to themselves as heterosexuals or ex-gays as ex-homosexuals. I think it stems from the word "sexual". They want to give the impression that only gay and lesbian people have sex for fun. I guess we are the only people trying to enjoy life.

The AFA's press release states:
The organizations also requested that Ford stop supporting any group involved in the current cultural war.
So I guess that means them too since they started the "culture war" or attacks on gays and lesbians (lets call it what it really is).

Who else signed the "letter"? Why it's a "Who's Who" of anti-gay bigots: Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, Dr. James Dobson, Founder and Chairman of the Focus On The Family, Gary Bauer, President of American Values, Mathew D. Staver, President and General Counsel of the Liberty Counsel, Kristian M. Mineau, President of the Massachusetts Family Institute and other less known names. And why is Tony Perkins (not to be confused with the gay actor of the same name) the only HOT anti-gay spokesperson? Are all the attractive people in favor of equal rights (except of course for Tony). I mean did you ever get a look at the head of the AFA?

But I digress.

The AFA only wants Ford to respond in writing so we'll see how this turns out.

Just Another Disgruntled Opinion

Things over at Massresistance and Article 8 have gotten really crazy. I haven't posted anything about them because they are just SO weird that it boggles the mind. (This weekend on their radio show they complained because the high school in Newton was letting the parents know that military recruiters were coming and they could opt-out, which IS a requirement of the No Child Left Behind Act BTW. Do you think Brian and Amy are signing THEIR children up to serve?)

Anyhow, the past couple of days Massresistance has been posting someone else's rants about the legality of same sex marriages in Massachusetts. Of course as usual, Ms. Massresistance doesn't list what this man's qualifications are for determining the legality of marriage so one doesn't know whether he went to law school or whether just being a director of the Parent's Rights Coalition entitles him to make legal opinions, it certainly must make him an expert on homosexuals! One can assume from his rants that he knows more about the law than Gov. Romney AND Attorney General Reilly combined, or at least he thinks he does.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

He Just Wanted to Lend a Hand...

In the "Do as I say, not as I do" department, Rev. Lonnie Latham, a pastor who has spoken out against homosexuality was arrested after propositioning a male undercover police officer outside a hotel (hat tip to Ian):

As the Rev. Lonnie Latham, 59, left jail Wednesday, he said "I was set up. I was in the area pastoring to police."

Latham, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention's executive committee, was arrested Tuesday and charged with offering to engage in an act of lewdness, Capt. Jeffrey Becker said.

Calls to Latham and his South Tulsa Baptist Church were not returned for comment.

Latham has supported a convention directive urging members to befriend gays and lesbians and try to convince them that they can become heterosexual "if they accept Jesus Christ as their savior and reject their 'sinful, destructive lifestyle.'"

The Southern Baptist Convention is the nation's largest Protestant denomination. Messages left for the convention were not returned.

Again, it's always the ones who attack gay and lesbian people who are hiding their sexuality. They hate the fact that gays and lesbians are living wonderful fruitful open lives while they are closeted and hating their very being so they lash out at people they can never be.

Apparently, the guy asked the plainclothes officer to join him in his hotel room for sex. Latham was then arrested and his 2005 Mercedes automobile was impounded. I'm sure Latham was just trying to give the guy a hand.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

No Patience for Stupid People

There's a wonderful post over at Marry in Massachusetts that answers the stupid question "Where is the law in Massachusetts that allows for same sex marriage! There is no law. Show me the law!" Mass Marrier is much more kinder to these people than I would be, I think the people that are spouting this ridiculous rhetoric are just plain stupid, I mean anti-gay Gov. Romney gets it, so does the anti-everything except Christian lawyers group, The Liberty Counsel, otherwise, why would they the sue the state to stop same sex marriages from happening on May 17, 2004? DUH!

Here's a piece from his post:

The General Laws of Massachusetts carefully regulate marriage. Unfortunately for the anti folk, it did not originally consider SSM. On the other hand, Chapter 207 starts with 14 very specific Sections forbidding this or that type of marriage - bigamy, incest, underage and on and on.

It goes into the heart of marriage regulation here. The question remains, who is legally entitled to a license to marry? The bulk of the who-can laws related to the license and solemnization. Again, the General Laws are very specific about that. This reinforces the clear distinction carried over from English common law to the Bay Colony to our Commonwealth's constitution, that marriage here is a civil contract.

The argument that these stupid people make about "no laws allowing for same sex marriage" is just that, stupid. Forrest was right: Stupid is as stupid does.

Monday, January 2, 2006

Florida: The Sunshine State

There's a wonderful documentary out there called "We Are Dad". It's about a same sex couple who take in children that are HIV positive because the "straight" couples don't want them. It is both an uplifting story (the way these two men care for these children) and a heartbreaking one (Florida still refuses to let same sex couples adopt). The Dads are foster parents without the possibility to adopt any of the children they care for. I was reminded about this movie from an article about another family in Florida on the Boston Globe website:

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. --A 3-year-old boy died after his mother held him in a tub of scalding water as punishment on Christmas Day and his grandmother, who had custody, failed to get him medical care for a week, authorities said Monday. The mother had lost custody of the boy for previous abuse.

Broward County sheriff's deputies found Jaquez Mason with burns over 50 percent of his body after getting a 911 call Sunday morning. He was pronounced dead a half hour later. It was unclear why he was punished, spokesman Jim Leljedal said.

At least there are some good couples in Florida really caring the children. God works in mysterious ways.