Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anti-Gay "Christian" Leader in Britain is Outted as a Wife Beater - Could this happen here too?

H/T to Joe.My.God. An anti-gay activist in Britain who rallies about immorality is a wife beater, says his former partner:

Stephen Green’s monstrous and autocratic behaviour would, in any circumstance, be shocking. But the charge of arrant hypocrisy must be added — for while terrorising his wife and their four children, he was also revelling in his self-appointed public role as guardian of the nation’s morality.

Green, 60, is founder and director of Christian Voice, a fundamentalist group he set up in 1994, whose website thunders against the vices — family breakdown, crime, immorality and drink among them — that are ruining the lives of ‘real people’. Green’s pronouncements are often outrageous. For example, after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005 and killed more than 1,600 people, he claimed it was a result of God’s wrath and had purified the city.

He routinely inveighs against the abolition of the death penalty, no-fault divorce, Islam,
abortion and, his particular bĂȘte noir, homosexuality. Violent crime and rape, he laments on his website, have risen dramatically in the past 50 years, while he points out that ‘virtue is derided’.

Wow, founded his own group, thunders against the vices that are ruining the lives of "real people" and concentrates on homosexuality...who would guess? It's chilling!

Oh yeah, MassResistance is once again trying to scare people in thinking that things happening in Britain are happening here too and only they can save the US:
We don't think that enough conservatives are taking this seriously. We've already documented a horrible amount of domestic anti-family terrorism by the homosexual movement over the past several years. Unless you get involved support this struggle to help fight back, it's only going to get worse. Trust us on that.
Now who is it again who follows school children around and films them, attends conferences with kids and secretly records them, gets thrown out of schools because they show up with video cameras...I'm just ask' n.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Have Fun!

Y'all should get a kick out of this ad which I found on the wall of a restaurant in Boston, yes, there are many uses of product Kleenex!